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Petals Of Care.

My mind is like a Sun Flower

The Heart of which is Bread of God.

And truly I am within this place

Neonatal? No! Prenatal I lie.

Curled in the cacophony of fear, Mind is.

Awaiting the stilled heart to commence its beating.

Waiting for Jesus, Saviour of Mankind

To feed me with the breath of morning,

To pass through my new borne pain

And lift the sun at morning.

Curled in the cacophony of fear, Mind is

I dare not open my mouth to let Him in.

My Life, like a Sun Flower at summer’s End

All Heart now, Body of Christ, Secret, Named of God.

And truly, I am within this place.

Post Natal, I have let go of every petalled care.

Curled within that Secret Space, Hope is.

Whether heart beats or He enters my mouth: He is here.

God desires me, to love me, to gift me a gift beyond compare –

With the shedding of each petal the wind of the Spirit

Blows—And Uncurling, I become true flesh and blood!

I become more fully Alive.

I AM ‘——‘.

I know not the name by which God has called me-

Standing tall in the silence of Life in Him

I wait His coming, and know the music my name makes Curling playfully from the tongue of God’s Son.

As with all the other Lambs I await with in this place.

Unfurled in the stillness of One Heart and Mind.

Unashamed I stand to greet the Trinity-

Who loves Lambs and Babies and Me – just as we

are Just as I AM ‘—‘.

(C) A Brewer.13th July 20 1997

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