Neither a whisper nor a call

The sleeping is real, the sleeping is good, the sleeping is needed, the sleeping is the sleeping.  But the awakening …

The awakening is something else.  Something affirming, something connecting, something both ancient of creation and something present in this moment.  The awakening is just one word …


A word said neither a whisper nor a call.  A word simply spoken.  A word spoken with  knowing … with certainty … with complete confidence:


The sound of this spoken word ripples through me each time. A ripple that begins with the hearing and is of the affirming, the connecting, and of the ancient and the present.  A ripple of unconditional love.  A love that is because this love is and always will be.


And always the response – neither a whisper nor a call:

“Grandad’s here.”

A grandson awakening, a granddad awaiting.  Both one room apart.  One a bedroom and one an office.  A regular midday siesta. But the awakening …


One word spoken – two in response – neither a whisper nor a call.  Both spoken with complete confidence.

Can I explain why the neither a whisper nor a call touches me so?  Would you understand why the neither a whisper nor a call of that spoken awakening ripples so?

The knowing a call is not needed.  The knowing where the sound must travel to a waiting granddad.  The complete knowing, the totally affirming, the simple connecting with something ancient – way beyond the years of this young life into the present moment of each – the present moment of one old and one young.

Could you understand why it is not the word itself.

It is how the word is spoken.

It is the absence of other words.  It is everything in that neither a whisper nor a call. Everything in the absence of all other words.  Just that simple:


This weekend there is a religious festival called Easter.  A celebration following a ritualised Lent.  A traditional celebration of life over death.  Celebrated in worship and praise.  Celebrated in the certainty of goodness over evil.  Celebrated as affirmation of life eternal.  That the bible is true.  That God is real.  That Jesus really came to this world and really was amongst us.  That resurrection is real.  That resurrection is truth.  That each of us is invited to join this celebration through grace freely given and the forgiveness of sins.

And because it is a faith and religion this celebration of belief comes with those who do not believe.  Those who scoff.  Those who dismiss.

Belief is like that.

But sit with me as I hear that one word neither whispered nor called.  Experience the absence of ritual form and formed religion.  Leave aside the written and taught.  Put down your sword of saving others from sin.  Be still (and sit with me) and know.

Know the affirmation.  Know the connection of ancient and modern.  The power of this one awakening.  The power of this one word neither a whisper nor a call.  Experience the sound and resonate with the simplicity and timelessness of love and of being loved and of loving without condition …



Happy Easter.



7 thoughts on “Neither a whisper nor a call

  1. Wonderful! I sure can identify, being a grandpa myself. Nothing like hearing a child awakening and mentioning your preferred name from their lips. “Papa?”. Sends goosebumps up my spine!
    Be blessed and have a great Easter!

    Liked by 1 person

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