Forgive my god

Forgive my god for loving me he has no right to besmirch himself

with little sins and self-centered ones, that vie for the man so sinful when testimonies are proclaimed! I am saved pronounced he who climbed into the boat and sank into water. Well he was only the Member for so and so was he ever elected again?

Was he counted among the Sheep or Goats or did the great fish have him for lunch?

As though the greater sins make the repentance a one-upmanship   on those with mere baby vices?

Romans 3:23for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

The little sins, the monsters that cell doors withhold freedom, the little old lady who likes all that glitters…

Is not gold, not the gold of Penance for no one is saved – yes, we are on the great journey!

We might arrive? Fail in the attempt, remember little ones I am not certain who you are, my Father knows. And though I judge between lamb and goat I know not who is what.


Andrew Blair


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