From Paul to glory


I have written this post because I have sensed agony of soul and spirit:

Paul has written

“For me the bible allows, empowers, invites, intrigues, confuses, illustrates, cautions, beckons, warns, enables and frees me.  I am of the bible and the bible is of me.  But please don’t tell me I should know the blueprints and architecture, I should decide the literal or figurative, I must evidence the fact or fiction.  For that influences who I am not to be – who I am not to become.  That grounds me for eternity.  That cloaks me in mortality.”

That shields me from possibility.


Words from the Servant of the servants

Paul, such things as Architectural Blueprints, Allegory Simile or Parable are not yours to discern because Christ in the Spirit speaks with you right were you are  and if the Scholars befuddle you just stay away from them too. The Bible is a living entity as, of course is the One who Thought it  and the One who  Spoke it The Lord God God’s self will disclose to you any meaning you see through the glass darkly, as it is meant for you to know or to understand. And you shall soar on Eagles Wings.



“What is the bible like? What shall I compare it to?”


It is a story of life and living, it is a fire to the spirit, it is a balm of the weary, it is succour for the searching.  It is not a word or The Word, for those four letters restrict and belittle you and me … belittles-bigs up what is within … causes us to redact-revere … to intellect-debate … to distance-divide all. 


If you view the words and the Word and know not Logos it can appear to disempower , though they neither  mean nor intend to  restrict you nor belittle you. For you are His and his words the very Bible that empowers you, It is a story of life and living, it is a fire to the spirit, it is a balm of the weary, it is succour for the searching


Again he asked, “What shall I compare the bible to?”

Me and you.  I am and you are.  We can and we should.  Right now right here.  There is no them and us, no us or them.  There is only I am.  In all.


The Journey from God within all of us, to Him. The Bible is the Road to your Mansion prepared for you. Hold it to and for yourself, there is no need to redact anything – I will be as  God is, I will become, and shall see clearly through the glass.




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