Digital indulgence

Police helicopters are noisy.  At night when one seems to circle an area above or close to our home, the noise is intrusive – particularly in the middle of the night.  But I know they are doing something that helps keep me and my loved ones safer.

Out here on holiday, a couple with a drone are taking elaborate camera shots.  And I found myself immediately irritated.  More than the intrusive (and unnecessary) noise of a very large and enraged wasp – is the absence of knowing where the cute camera attached to the digital insect is pointing.

Sitting here on our balcony this morning … enjoying the quiet of the seafront before everything opens for another day … contemplating nothing much in particular … one very large and enraged wasp grew louder in volume.  Passing directly over the roof of our hotel it seemed to be taking a long (and loud) meander at roof height all the way along the seafront.

It is this increasing trend to digital immortality … putting me in front of the wonder behind me … making me the star of the picture … imprinting my features on all these shared wonders … that is my irritation!  And these “holiday drones” are becoming the “next level” in digital indulgence.

I am irritated by the need to cock my photographic face on every natural wonder I see.  And the use of drones to cock my face is digital indulgence over-riding all other digital indulgence.  The holiday drone is now the new phallic symbol of the selfie-submerged society.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

Has a relevance today – perhaps as much as it ever had.  Because the wonder all these selfies are focused on … repeated daily at the same time … ?

And this natural wonder doesn’t need me at all.




4 thoughts on “Digital indulgence

  1. Funny you should say that, Paul – we have military drones and also kiddy drones, so far not enough to annoy. We, too, have the Helicopter on patrol, patrolling the eastern beaches, looking for sharks. The other day there were helicopters, two frantically crossing the skies probably looking for fugitives. O I did see a surveyors Drone a few months ago, very interesting it was I tried to follow it but it escaped.
    And we need none of these yet, perhaps they might become carriers of the Word someday.


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