These days away.

The laughing of young voices trickled into my ears on the wind. They are young, with great expectations and great lives with God. Looking at the faces around me made me feel young, yet even the leaders there were young enough to be my own children. Some of them are graduates already working yet so young looking and so bright, makes my old brain shriek to get its head around their speaking’s.

Last weekend I attended the Church Camp with Hope Uniting Church  Maroubra Junction, one of three over 60 to join the uni. students and young parents with their children sleeping at the resort. The other adults arrived by bus  on Saturday morning for Holy Communion and Mini Golf and left at 3.00pm. I scored three holes in one, one hole in 17 which was my undoing. My overall score was 70 for the 18 holes. My team were Chinese students with littlepexels-photo-93822.jpeg English between them but laughter does not need a language, and we laughed uproariously  at some of our attempts to get a little round ball into a hole.

Is God holey? They say he is holy yet God might be holey also if he plays Mini Golf in Fairy Meadow in May.

It was a humbling experience to find myself unburdening  to a young member of the Music ministry. There was so much angst trapped inside my heart and I realised that even those who minister need to be ministered unto.  I felt like a child and I wanted comforting, at home all the hells have unleashed themselves.

Falling from the heights of a weekend away, down the slippery slide to reality, I landed with a heavy bump because now we had to deal with all these dolour’s  below which  we have not.

Faith is easily bourn when things are smooth and right but when the winds of fear   arrive in the form of our trying to find an accessible place to stay while our home is renovated, and the very word wheelchair places $100s on the price. There were no places that I found on the Accessible Hotel list that was under $90.00 per night per person.

By the end of the day God seems to have answered the Prayer since  now we have been invited to make an expression of Interest in a place called Forest Lodge. There we will be staying in a two bedroom Villa – once Big Brother lets us know what to say and who to say it to.

We will be away from home for two weeks while our home is finally brought up to the Australian Disability Building Code.



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