I am offended by that



We have a wedding tomorrow.
Had it been an ordinary A-lister celeb
(or even our so unordinary daughters)
You would not have been invited.
But tomorrow, if I wish, I can watch wall-to-wall
Wedding trivia from early o’clock until silly o’clock.
I am invited – if not physically –
Completely submersibley totally virtually.

We have a wedding tomorrow.
A time of hope and joy.
Of love and timelessness.
Of family past and family future.
Of two human beings deciding
To commit to each other
In joy and love and celebration
In a very public way.

We have a wedding tomorrow.
And there are those who chide.
Who poke who criticise –

“They moved-on the Windsor homeless”
(unless you are wrapped in a Union flag, defending your prime viewing spot)

“Why are we paying for the police presence?”
(when we already pay for the entire Royal Family and all their hangers-on)

“Wave at your masters as they drive past – paid for by you and me”
(just how can you be so subservient when there are so many starving and hungry)



We have a wedding tomorrow.
I have not yet heard “religion” blamed.

And that does surprise me.


5 thoughts on “I am offended by that

  1. As for the great wedding, we are being bombarded with it as though anybody cares. I must admit though, your Royals know how to put on a show, and Iโ€™m sure the photos will be great. Will I watch it at 5 in the morning?

    Of course not. Thatโ€™s when I watch the baseball highlights, and I actually care about that! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    All the best to the happy coupleโ€ฆ

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