We are amazing!

The Americans are coming!

This evening our cousin and partner board a plane in the USA and arrive in the UK tomorrow morning.  How amazing is that!  Something so ordinary yet so extraordinary!  Human beings – fully clothed – probably bored and just wanting this to end … at 30,000 feet above terra firma!  Why is that not just absolutely amazing?  Defying gravity … for nine whole hours!  Complete with toilets … liquid refreshments …fully equipped kitchens … other human beings whose place of work this is … Imagine that!  A place of work 30,000 feet in the air!  And then what about all that luggage – socks, pants, thongs, shirts, coats, shoes, toiletries all packed neatly … All that “stuff” … All one whole mile in the air … All so “ordinary” …


I hear miracles stopped happening.  Good faithful Christians actually believe miracles don’t happen anymore.  Apparently we don’t need them anymore.  God pulled the plug on that kind of thing.  Maybe we are too sophisticated for miracles nowadays.  Maybe if we can defy gravity (complete with a three-course meal thrown in) then maybe we don’t need God anymore.


But how amazing is this … Apparently asking for help is something some of us find really hard to do.

Help me, please.

Three small words like those other three small words … “I love you.”

Some find small words hard to say.  Why is that do you think?  Three little words.  Three.  Little.  Words.

Yet we board a plane to spend nine hours one mile above land and sea – expectant of food, drinks, nibbles, films, music, our luggage, our health, our safety, and our boredom.

We are amazing!



2 thoughts on “We are amazing!

  1. We are too scientific a culture for miracles. Just a few decades ago (okay, maybe ten) we recognized, nay, expected miracles to occur. Now days, if a tumor disappears with no recognizable cause it’s not a miracle, just something science hasn’t explained. If a person sees the EMT’s bring them back from the dead, and hears the conversations, it’s not a miracle (or proof of something beyond the body) it’s an unexplainable chemical imbalance.

    Yes, we trust in science more than God, but we do give lip service when fluffy survives being hit by a car (Thank God!).

    BTW, 30k feet = 5.58 miles. 😉

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    • You see what you want to see.

      Don’s picture of the week made me chuckle – a lesson in “suggestion”: you see something when asked to see something. Today we are asked to see science not as a miracle but as “we did that!”

      And 5.58 miles??? That IS amazing!! 🙂


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