I am amazing

The sound of rain falling last night played gentle music as I lay in bed.

This morning after checking where our cousin’s flight is right now (halfway across the  Atlantic) I looked out of the window and marveled at the intricacy of a wonderful tree blowing in the breeze.

(is it okay to be friends with a tree?)

Then I logged on here and wrote this piece – and soon after you are reading these words – anywhere in the world.  Isn’t that amazing?

(is it okay to be friends with someone you have never actually “met”?)

And I am drinking a brew of coffee beans grown somewhere far away and brought to our town without me having to think how or why.

And then I looked through some pictures and videos of our little grandson on my (tele)phone!

(his expressions at bathtime are truly gorgeous)

Pictures and videos sent and received through the atmosphere invisibly and silently – all with just the press of a button on a screen – but on a screen without a button – and a phone that is so much more than a (tele)phone.

And once again I am struck by the miracle of life and living.  The miracle of living with the “ordinary” that is so amazingly extra ordinary!

We are amazing!

And I am connected to you, to others, to that tree, to the rain – to all of this and …

I am amazing!



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