Not saved but on my journey.

christ-on-cross-kjI am not among the Saved for my Journey has just now begun. As a Teen ,I have mentioned this before, I came to desire salvation, not as much in love with Jesus as frightened of the wrath of his Father. I thought I had nailed a Mansion of my own. A denomination believing in “Backsliders”,There was no alteration in me, no warm and fuzzy feelings for Jesus;only the learning of the Catechism of You must, mustn’t.
The Evangel may call us to ourselves, pray prayers upon our heads but Jesus calls us out of love for us, despite our hearts of stone.

Calls us on a journey to salvation that may continue beyond the grave. I am to be conformed to Christ Jesus, to the kind of man God is, knowing that in his sanctuary is a living alphabet who knows us better than ouselves.

I try to cease my expectations of myself as the great preacher, teacher the great whatever is the “Holiness” , ‘fad’ of the time.

I am none of these except He gives me means, I will follow his steps in the sand. My only aim to match the heal and toes of he who just asks love!

To be in love with Jesus, like the first flowers of Spring, to spring anew each day just to study Agape.

Love, heavenly love when approached with sandy feet,is not to do for Jesus…..but to become….

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