Imagine grieving for every life lost

Imagine grieving for every life lost.

Not just acknowledging the passing of a life, but grieving the death of each and every living and loving soul-enclosed body.

Yesterday three people were killed in Belgium by a chap (thought to have been heard shouting “God is great”).  That phrase (automatically) means terrorism and jihad and the Muslims (at work again) and is regarded as a global problem (requiring more drones and remote killings as the solution).

The school killings in the USA rarely record that phrase and are accepted as a local problem (requiring more guns for everyone as the solution).

Such “grieving” always requires a solution: “You kill us and we will kill you.”

Imagine grieving for every life lost.

I have heard the God of the bible referred to as a “God of restraint”.  A God who could if He wished but chooses not to.  A God of restraint (of His immense supernatural infinite power).  Just like nuclear energy – a power of restraint.  Just like the power of storms – from a gentle breeze to a force zillion.  Just like the immense anger we can each contain – from mild irritation to all-consuming red mist.

Imagine grieving for every life lost.

How much restraint would that take?  How much love would that absorb?  How much else would that encompass?  The knowledge of each, the time for each, the restraint for each and all connected with the life lost?  The concern and time for each who loved the living lost?  The energy and patience and heart and mind and soul to embrace each and every one involved each and every time?

I couldn’t.  I wouldn’t be able to live if I did. 

I would be absorbed by dying and death and grief and sadness and pain and suffering and … anger maybe?  Anger that life lost was so frequent and common.  That living ceased was so arbitrary and unforgiving.  That death shows no restraint.

I have no idea if there is a biblical God or not.  Yet I believe in a One of oneness.  One who can care for each every life both living and lost.  One who has that infinite power and infinite restraint and infinite time and infinite energy and infinite love.  Why else would there by any kind of God?  For the alternative is a God of wrath and judgement, a God who selects those to love and those to not love, a God who picks and chooses those who deserve to be loved … ?

That is not God.

That is you and me.



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