That really made me angry

G7 Summit “upheaval” … off to Singapore to facetime North Korea … global leaders wrong-footed … fake news always quoted … trade tariffs and “war” … tweets and turbulence … still “build(ing) the wall” … mid-term elections … all now personalised … all the same arena of influence …

The President of the USA , Donald Trump, continues his presidency as all presidents have.  The world press reacts as the world press always has.  Institutions respond as all institutions respond.  The only difference here … ?

Hope growing in those it never has.

I think Donald Trump, (fairly) elected President of the USA, brings hope to me and you and to all of us (that is – all of us who have been downtrodden and ignored and lied to for so long).  That voting category of “all of us”.

And hope is a powerful motivator (just as “that category” is a powerful category).

Politics, Big Business, the Church and Love has hope at its heart – but always with an “if” attached.

Donald Trump, current President of the USA offers hope with AND without Big Business – with AND without the Church – with AND without even Love.  A hope that is down to just him and me.

And that is the most powerful hope of all.

But hasn’t it always been that way in politics and power?  Just with “the rules” being “acceptable and appropriate” … just with the lies truth being an accommodation of “interested parties” … always with the “little man and woman” (i.e. me and you) cannon fodder for the “greater good” (of those in power and their upcoming next term of office) … ?

Hasn’t hope always been viewed as a commodity by “the system” of big power AND big politics AND big business AND big religion?

Isn’t hope a commodity parcelled-out by those insulated with their assumption of power?  And isn’t that the same reason the UK did Brexit?  A “populace” fed-up with the system – the same system now wallowing in bitter inertia (because the system knows no other rules than the rules of the system).

Now read this … a comment below yesterday’s post written by Don Merritt – which has nothing to do with politics or religion or Trump or God:

“When I played my very first game of college football, our Coach, took me aside and told me that he was going to have to put me in the game because two guys ahead of me were hurt. He told me he would send me in on 3rd down when it was critical that we get the first down, and the ball would be coming my way because the defense wouldn’t be expecting it. Then he told me that I would drop the pass and let the entire team down because I wasn’t good enough as a player to be counted on.

That really made me angry!

Then they sent me in and I caught the pass and got the first down. When I came back to the sideline, Coach hit me in the chest and said, “You got lucky!” I got lucky several more times that day, in part because he knew exactly how to motivate me.”

The duly elected President of the USA stirs anger – anger in those who think he is right AND anger in those who think he is wrong.  And where there is anger there is hope (or why else get “angry”).

Those who think he is right see their personal future improving – those who disagree don’t.  Those who don’t see their personal wealth diminishing – those who do see their personal poverty diminishing.

It’s all about me.

Just like religion is. “Are you saved yet or are you still going to Hell?” Just like politics always is: “Are you voting for me or flushing your future down the pan?”  Just like big business is: “The share price and your dividend is only safe with us.”

Anger management.

The fairly and duly elected President of the United States of America knows how to manage my anger better than the system does.

That’s all.


3 thoughts on “That really made me angry

  1. Not sure, Paul, here in Australia most, except the rich do not see him that way, neither do my American friends who still wait for the promised changes. The poor are too cynical. I suppose it does depend on where one is, and past experience as to whether we give him a fair go or not. 🌞


  2. I agree with you, Paul. I like Trump. Always said if he ran for office I’d vote for him and I will do it again. I am a proud American no longer penalized and taxed unfairly for not having the mandated, overpriced, worthless Obamacare. I could go on but there is just not enough room to list all the positive changes here in America. Those who refuse to be aware of it are still scratching their heads as to why corruption didn’t win because surely it was in the bag for H.C. … the mainstream media and Follywood said so. Meanwhile, I am drenched in HOPE.


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