The greatest commandment of all?

Love is the answer, now what’s your question?

Becomes evermore relevant and evermore necessary for me.  Not this stylised soppy love of lingering glances and eternal sacrifice.  But love that liberates each and both, each and all.  Love that cares, love that is kind.  Love that IS eternal.

And I put that into some (more) words over at Church Set Free today.  Because every time I question whether love really is the answer – the answer always comes back: Yes it is.

Today’s words ask this:

“So treating others differently might not be exclusive to church …  But NOT treating anyone differently SHOULD BE exclusive to Church.  There is no hiding place.  Because God Jesus never set the bar too high.   Each Christian who reads the bible and thinks-says-preachesthis IS the greatest commandment of all” is “setting the bar” for themselves (and every other “Christian”).

I am curious(!) – what are your thoughts on “the greatest commandment and each of us”?

Why not pop across to Church Set Free for the full post – and leave your comments either there or here –

“This is always a me thing” Church Set Free

“It cannot be switched on or off – because love has no switch to flick … ”  There is no switch to flick.

“There never was.”

Thank you –



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