Tuned in with outrage or approval

I waited a number of decades before being allowed entry into the “Grumpy Old Men” club.  A club wherein one is allowed to speak critically of much that is paraded as “our” brave new world.  A club wherein mistakes of the past (re-branded as our hope for the future) are often shown to have the substance of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” – style over substance (and all that).

Grumpy is different to angry.  Angry demands angry in return – or surrender – or obedience – because angry is demanding.  But grumpy is usually met with resignation (on all sides) – acceptance that age is at work  – both less flexible AND more accepting (and resigned – very resigned).  Grumpy is inclusive whereas angry is exclusive.

Angry … ?

“In tone and demeanour, the differences between Mr Trump and his predecessor have never seemed greater.  In a fundraiser on Thursday night, Barack Obama told Democrats that his party needs to preach hope and unity in the forthcoming mid-term congressional election campaigns. “The majority of the country doesn’t want to see a dog-eat-dog world where everybody is angry all the time,” he said.

Barbara Perry, director of presidential studies at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center, says that while things are bad, the current “level of vitriol” is far from unprecedented.  She points to acrimony following the 2000 presidential race, which had to be resolved by the US Supreme Court, Vietnam War protests and civil rights upheaval in the 1960s and, of course, the real Civil War – the one resolved by bullets and cannons – as times when things were worse.  America was founded in revolution and war, she notes, so confrontation and conflict are, in a way, hardwired into the nation’s DNA.”

If there’s something that’s different now, it’s the ubiquity of social media and the immediacy that it gives every instance of confrontation and conflict.  Where in the past, Perry says, an unpleasant restaurant episode might take days to make it into a newspaper or appear in a political memoir decades later, modern society means within hours the entire nation can be tuned in with outrage or approval.”
“A US civility crisis: Total political war”: BBC news website – today

Grumpy … ?

“Grumpy Old Men, Series 2″: BBC television – 2003 onwards

I enjoyed these fine programmes back in the day (and enjoyed watching this one again before writing today’s post).  Grumpy has great humour – it’s just that you have to be in the “Grumpy Old Men” club to appreciate it

Not only the humour … “grumpy” knows love is more important than chasing the next orgasm … that grumpy does not expect change – because “grumpy” is also “style over  substance” as well … just a “style” whose “substance” is of acceptance and resignation – and inclusivity and humour that anger cannot (and must not).

Bible bit … 

Maybe we could distinguish between angry and grumpy when discussing the bible … and religion … and the church …  Maybe we could find less anger and more grumpy – “grumpy” (with affection and resignation) – “grumpy” that simply calls out “He’s wearing nothing” (rather than invent another ology to validate “nothing”).

“Suddenly the voice of a small child was heard: “Oh .. He’s wearing nothing!”” : The Emperor’s New Clothes”


“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 18:3


Over the course of my life I have changed and continue to do so.  Everyone – including me – expects that.

So why can’t we expect the same of this whole God thing?  Why do we have to find a viewpoint – an opinion – a “belief” … And then defend that to the hilt … defend it to the death … defend it even beyond death … ?

I used to be expected to be angry – now I am allowed to be grumpy.

I used to accept “The Emperor’s New Clothes” of religion – and now I don’t.

I used to think I was right – and now I think we all are.

I used to be passionate about being right – now I find love without any condition the only valuable “clothes of (any) substance”.


My life-cycle “ex-God stuff” is expected to change – so why when it comes to “inc-God stuff” am I expected to remain silent when the clothes I see are often …

No clothes at all?


8 thoughts on “Tuned in with outrage or approval

  1. The difference between Trump and Obama are not as different as you think, as is said: actions speak louder than words. While Obama and the dems may call for civility since Mr. Trump was elected Obama and his party have practiced non-participation in the political process, refusing to work towards resolution of any of the problems they cry out about, such as immigration. Four times the reps have proposed solutions to DACA and the current “Zero Tolerance” issues, four times the dems have refused to participate in working with the reps on the bills, then sat back and either not voted or voted against the bills. Baby tantrums thrown in a fit of anger over their not winning the 2016 election.

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    • Thank you – the “noise” we get over here is of “anger”. In Obama’s day it was of “politics”. The “politics noise” today and yesterday suggests neither side has any time for each other’s bills – past, present or future. My experience is that tantrums (baby or otherwise) and politics go hand in hand – no matter the party – no matter the country – and no matter the logic (or absence).

      The noise of sustained anger is new to my ears.

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      • Furious older man, one year to go before i am allowed to be grumpy here.
        Hi, whenever I watch Question time in Parliament here in Australia, I laugh and cry over the antics of Members behaving like toddlers in a Play Pen. They seem to spend the whole time back biting so that nothing is really resolved at all.

        For some years now it seems that Australia is practising Eugenics as our Health System and Education System are eroded and the poor taxed more than the rich, subtly of course as the very rich and the Companies keep getting their tax breaks.

        No one, including Parliament appears to understand that it is our taxes which make our country function. We have sold most of the Utilities or a fair percentage of each such that there is practically no money for Government to spend or utilities to keep themselves going.

        And Millions are spent on defence.



        • Seems to me that “democratic politics” is “politics” the world over.

          “Where in God in this?” Giving to Caesar what is Caesar’s – and to God what is God’s. As always we get to decide. 🙂

          BTW – I am recommending you for early membership to the G.O.M. club!


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          • In 6 months I shall be what they refer to here as
            An aged person. In the between times I have lost the disability services enjoyed by the under 65,. Next year my health needs will be decided by Age alone, meaning a complete disconection between Age and disability. At 65 all my ills are supposed to vanish, I will not have epilepsy, bipolar, diabetes or osteoarthritis any more ,I shall be just Old. And have an Aged Care Portal through which to see what the Government might do. When someone changes its corporate nappies.

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            • “Aged Care Portal” says a lot in a few words!

              Here in the UK we are finally learning the true cost of separating “social care” from “medical care” (or “bed-blockers” as the aged are known when they cannot be released form hospital because there is no care at home).

              Care is care and healing is healing and I have yet to be convinced the two are disconnected. I think we call it kindness and humanity rather than the science of medicine and the cost of “care”.

              “When someone changes its corporate nappies.”

              You should write … 🙂 🙂 🙂


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