Is it just me or …

Does this remind anyone else of something …. ?

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Say you, say me; say it for always
That’s the way it should be
Say you, say me; say it together
SAY YOU, SAY ME – Lionel Richie
Is ‘say you/say me’ grammatically acceptable??

Might it not be : Say “you”, say “me” etc…Like in ‘ “ha ha”, said the clown, “has the king lost his crown etc” ‘ (Manfred Man)
Do you know the question, ‘What say you?’ ?
Dear Taka,
It is in my opinion also «say “you”, say “me”». It is that they are linked now. The one must follow the other.
Kind regards, Emotion: smile
No, I didn’t know that expression.
Could you please explain how such an expression can be grammatically possible?
It’s idiomatic for, “What do you say, huh?”
I don’t know the song, but it’s lyrics we’re talking about, (right?) where grammar doesn’t have to be sound.
I’m just guessing that ‘say you’ and ‘say me’ may mean, ‘What do you say?’, What do I say?’, ‘What do we say together?’.
“Say you, say me, say it together, naturally”. Davkett, I’d be more inclined to think that the man – it’s a man who sings – wants the woman to practise saying “you and me ” aloud, so she gets used to linking both words, that is both of them, “naturally”. I agree with Goldmund, here…
It sure makes a whole lot more sense that way. Sorry to be misleading, if I was. At least Taka collected a new idiom.
I think these four lines can be rephrased into a single line for easy understanding:
Say you and me are together,naturally
I’m a big Lionel Richie fan and a native english speaker, and I’m pretty sure that it is say “you”, say “me.” As far as analyzing the song’s lyrics, it is not a love song at all. It is a song about people getting along and even has a reference to Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech which is about all people of all races living together in peace.



And does this remind anyone else of someone … ?

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“Say You Say Me” is a song written and recorded by Lionel Richie for the film White Nights.  Many people confused about the meaning of this words.  What is “say you say me ?”  It’s like Lionel and his girlfriend want to say yes to themselves about their relationship, but maybe it means what it says, because we do not expect anything deeper from the lyrics of a pop song.  And because the native speaker of English have the same confusing like we are in in Asia where English is a second language, so it is not necessary to think about it further.

Just enjoy the lyrics and the music, feel it … and we will know that this song is beautiful.


Thank you.



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