“Or God will be pissed” – a thought

“When the Bible must be rewritten to accommodate a doctrine, it is the doctrine that is wrong, not the Bible.” – What is Universalism?

Before hearing of complementarianism and egalitarianism, I had already heard of universalism – and now find another to go with that: particularism (although I can’t be bothered to delve into that one).

Because each ism seems to require an opposite – a Ying to a Yang – a right to a wrong. – a biblically correct to a biblically incorrect.  Always one side or the other.  Always Black or White.

And – as far as I can see – every “ism” is a rewrite of the bible to accommodate the ism.  As far as I can see the bible is continually being rewritten.  And if is okay for “doctrine and dogma and qualified theology” – then it must be good enough for me.

Because I think every bible reader who is a seeker rewrites the bible.

But when I do it – unless it can be labelled with a recognised “ism” I fear such rewrites are regarded as subversive – even blasphemous.  Because it seems that I must rewrite the bible only within a recognised ism or doctrine … Maybe so that those who agree can agree – and those who don’t can fire back their correct ism to prove mine wrong.

I think we class “personal rewriting” of the bible (“seeking” as I call it) as wrong.   Yet the greatest rewriter of all was Jesus – or why else the Gospels … the Good News?

And if “God” is the only One with authority – and Jesus is authorised only by being the Son of God … Then either the bible is The Law and in “seeking” and rewriting I am lost for forever … Or we have completely missed the point of the very bible itself.

Missed the point of the bible being a Friend on my journey – a personal and intimate journey only I can travel – a journey in which we each seek the truth – a truth that changes as my journey and relationship evolves … Which makes one “truth” and one “bible” and one being right or being wrong very constricting.

And God isn’t – or else you have all sold me a lie! 

Scriptural truth … biblical correctness … doctrines and denominations …  more isms than I can shake a stick at … Each version telling me this one is right and the others are fatally flawed … this one is scripturally and biblically correct – and the others are not …  each rewriting the bible and shouting for everyone to rally under this flag and this ism.

The reality and “truth” is that the bible is being rewritten all the time and by everyone.  So that rewriting (and continual rewriting) – or not – is my choice

And if I keep rewriting and the bible becomes My Friend – then it must change as I change – as I rewrite the words on my heart.  Or I must change and the bible doesn’t – because the words written on my heart are the same but I am not.

And which way around that is … why does it matter at all?

Unless I need the back-up of “biblical correctness” and “scriptural truth” – which is another way of saying “My preferred bible rewrite at this point” … un;less I need the earthly evidence of academic and qualified isms-doctrine to prove me right (and you wrong) … because then I disallow everyone else their rewriting AND their own journey of relationship … and that keeps me from God meeting me where I am … it means you get in the way and YOU insist that God meets me where YOU say he and I must meet..

Which does not work for me (or God?).  And has one “fatal flaw” in the building blocks on which all else stands:

I have to believe in the biblical God as written.  I have to remain within a line of the “biblical god as written in the bible” or else I cannot be a believer – and never was a saved soul – but just another “cultural Christian”“seed” that was gobbled up – a lost soul – an all that “ying and yang” stuff.

Which – for me – means ANY journeying and relationship is STILL being controlled and defined by others.

And that leaves precious little freedom for me and my God Soft Hands Jesus to find our own path.  A path which leaves the huge religious highways heading for the huge heavenly gates complete with flashing neon signs all screaming:

 “All are NOT welcome here!”

And I don’t think that is biblically – or scripturally – correct.



2 thoughts on ““Or God will be pissed” – a thought

  1. Paul:

    You bring up some excellent points here, and ones that we all should flag and remember.
    On the topic of “rewriting” the Bible. You are correct in a way when you say Jesus was the greatest rewriter of all. Paul would also fit into that category. They both brought us new revelation of Old Testament truths. They both changed the way people looked at the Bible as they had it in those days.

    When you say each of us rewrites the Bible to fit our particular doctrine, in a way you are also right. We tend to shape and mold the scriptures to suit our doctrine. I say mine is correct, others say theirs is correct. We all tend to think ours is truth. I call this interpretation, not rewriting. But I suppose it could be classified as a rewrite if you see translating the Bible into other languages as rewrites.

    Is God “pissed” at all of this? Os He upset because we have so many ism’s and so many rewrites, as you call them. I don’t think so. In fact, I think He probably finds it comical. I think often he sits in heaven and wonders why we don’t get it.

    Why we don’t see what the real truth is. Why don’t we see that it’s all about how we treat each other. Why don’t we help each other, show mercy, stay humble and stop being judgmental? All this bickering and arguing over this scripture and that scripture, this rewrite and that rewrite, is laughable to Him, and also sad I think. He wants us to know the truth, and he spells it out plainly. Why are we so blind?

    That’s what I think.

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    • “Is God “pissed” at all of this? Os He upset because we have so many ism’s and so many rewrites, as you call them. I don’t think so. In fact, I think He probably finds it comical. I think often he sits in heaven and wonders why we don’t get it.”

      Thanks Pete, the “or God will be pissed” line is my experience of the unspoken teaching (occasionally spoken as well). The “How very dare you rewrite/interpret the bible differently to us”. The fear of tampering with God’s word – a superstitious fear (we trample all over every time we pick the thing up).

      I think God expects us to rewrite the bible every step of our journey – to rewrite it as we find new truth, and drop old truth for current truth – and invites us to do that again and again. Paul or Jesus … ? They are someone else’s rewrite. Just as every ism and doctrine and dogma is “someone else’s rewrite”. All of it (must be) interpreted as “right” as “God breathed” (which could be seen as superstition of “bad things will happen if you mess with the bible”). All of that while we all mess with the bible.

      Either in freezing the life out of it, or claiming scriptural privilege through “majority verdict wins”.

      That’s what I think 🙂


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