The sin of Original Sin?

We are watching Suits,(Netflix) and have reached Season 5 (I think).

As the story progresses the main character and his “original sin” becomes ever more central to the storyline:

Mike Ross is employed by a top-flight law firm who only employ the cream of Harvard Law School.  His “original sin” is to be an unqualified college drop-out – just with a superb instant photographic memory and instant recall of everything he reads in a split-second. Oh … and the street smarts necessary to bend the law so hard it turns elastic.

Which is obviously the goal of every top-flight lawyer, just – in this storyline – with a top-flight Harvard Law School endorsement hanging proudly on the wall.

This original sin is used and abused by more and more people. This great sin that would bring their law firm tumbling down … This unforgivable sin everyone ignores to make use of the (top flight) bending of the law more than almost anyone else.

But Mike Ross can never be feted as the others are.

Someone might find out his secret.  And if they find out his secret, they find out that others knew but did not tell.  And not telling is the inherited sin each carries.  Because once each one knows and does not tell – they are as guilty of the sin as the original sinner.  Except because they did not commit the original sin, it is okay to hold their vulnerability to exposure against the original sinner: Mike Ross.

And it crossed my mind last night – as the latest high-profile character joined the “knowing but not telling club” – it all sounds really biblical!

Adam/Eve is why we are where we are: full of sin and needing forgiveness through grace freely given … Through blood and sacrifice like no other … Because we each have this “sin by proxy” …

But if it wasn’t for the original sinner (either Mike Ross or Adam/Eve) the storyline would much weaker –

In the case of Suits, it would be just another “law firm story”.  And in the case of us, there would be no real need for Jesus (and Jesus is God – so don’t go there).

I wonder if that is really what God is all about?  I wonder if that is “why” the bible and this God-breathed storyline.  Because what would the bible look like without original sin and the need to be saved by grace freely given?  I wonder if we were freed from all of that would we be just another “human interest story”. 

Or might we find there is so much more in this moment and the next than we ever thought possible?

Like Jesus and his miracles.

Because I read a lot of “theology” about the touch … the word … the spit … the prayer … I read about the mechanics … but I never read about the ordinariness.

The total ease … a flick of a finger … a single word … The absence of our  “hallelujahs” … our hard work and trying … the absence of our doubt … The absence of publicity we bring to his “miraculous kingdom work” today … the absence of “now go to church every Sunday” … of “now read the bible every day” … of “consequences” we teach today: you are now saved and a proper Christian – now go to church!

I have no idea what the “healed and raised and made better” peeps actually did – the  bible doesn’t tell me.  I wonder about that.

Why doesn’t the bible say?

Why is all of this “so everyday” Jesus – and why so not “us” who are “indwelt”?  Indwelt being a potent spiritual cocktail of God AND Jesus.  Why do we focus on the doing and the “wow factor” – and not on the rest?

Why do we need to be part of this conspiracy of sin – and what would the consequences be if that was removed?  Why do we all use and abuse “sin” today …

We are now cleansed – we are saved – we restrict our circle of friends – we turn up regularly for corporate worship – we worship this deity – we praise this deity – we expect to suffer hardship because of our faith (and not because we have free will and “shit happens”) – and we all believe the cross and resurrection – because THAT AND sin must be real – AND because “false teaching” penalties are so severe –

Taddahhh …

And we are right back to consequences again … Using and abusing the original sinner.

But where might it lead if we didn’t … ?

I wonder about that more and more.



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