The Great Human Dilemma – what is the truth

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We ALL rely on imagery to fill-in the gaps because none of us will ever “know”.
The Great Christian Dilemma – it’s personal

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What is the truth?

For me it is not another “I am right” – another “I know” – statement.  Because this “filling in the gaps” is proven time and time again – mixing fact and fiction – using imagery in the absence of knowing.

This chair I am sitting in is more space than solid.  I imagine it is solid even though I know it is not.  I prefer that to imagining it an unsafe perch to sit on … The person I love is probably the same person you never could – I fill in gaps that you don’t see and you fill gaps that I don’t see – mine is of wonder – yours is of ordinary … Just as your newborn baby, to me, looks like a wizened monkey – but to you is a smooth-skinned sublime wonder of creation.

What is the truth?  Whose truth is “right”?  I think mostly both.  It is when one of us MUST BE RIGHT because the other MUST BE WRONG.

That’s the bit I struggle with.

GSHJ may be a figment of my imagination (and is).  Except to me (just as with my chair) I imagine GSHJ as real.  So real that I have a developing relationship.  THAT is my safe place.  And if you see that as dangerous and damaging to your safe place (and those who you want to protect) – then that is your truth and you will never be dissuaded by me.

But if I could convince you that my GSHJ is not dangerous to you (and those you wish to protect) – that GSHJ is the safest most unconditionally loving being I have ever experienced across six decades … You might think me nuts – but also safe enough to allow me into your safe place.

In the same way we might never agree that each of our different (real) friends is to the exact same taste of both of us – so too my GSHJ: just another friend we accept as one we don’t both have to get on with.

But when you are not safe …

That is when you will fear and despise and dismiss and belittle and discard – except you won’t do that just to God Soft Hands Jesus my “imaginary friend”.  You will do all that to me for just having this “friend”.

Even though I don’t call myself a Christian anymore.  Even though to some-many Christians I am not an “us” but a “them” by that admission.  That to you just makes me  worse even than a “Christian” – it makes me a “pseudo Christian” – either a greater irritation AND/OR now irrelevant – now invisible to your safe place – not even a threat.

All because of these safe places we create and protect.  Which is why emotion and passion rule and why logic and kindness don’t.  Being right is not of logic and kindness.  It is a mix-match of fact-fiction to protect a place in which I feel safe.

A spiritual place as much as a physical space.  A space that changes as I change.  A space that can become the opposite of what I ever expected – usually overnight – sometimes slowly – but always because it is MY safe place.

And my God Soft Hands Jesus is simply my safe place.

A place that is neither physical not static.  A place that is within me – perhaps is this “indwelling” Christians speak of.  But MY safe place is not YOUR safe place.  And my safe place – like yours – changes and sometimes reverses and even reverses back again.

Because my safe place is unique to me.

And the reason my GSHJ works for me is not because “Christianity” is the only “truth” – nor because the bible says so – nor “church” and all that church is – nor all the other conditions necessary for proper Christian love (take your pick from the Greek on offer).

GSHJ works for me because he is Love.

Love without condition – without need – for anything (even me).   Love that (I guess) is everyone’s safe place.  Love that simply wants to listen to you. To learn more about your safe place. That wants you to be as safe as I am – whatever that safe place is.

Because my safe place fills me to overflowing with love.  A safe place that has no place left over for fear.  No space left over for being right.  A place big enough for both of us.

For all of us.



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