The Original Sin-1 Andrew Blair

Jews and Muslims do not believe in Original sin , or the Original sin and neither does Jesus because he was Jewish.

Original sin is a human invention  invented by the church to keep the money rolling on into the coffers of indulgence.

 The doctrine of original sin is really a theory….

When we speak, think, fear or any other noun, about original sin, visions of a beautiful  Garden appear in our minds ( might) and of its deaforestation by a serpent.

We think of two naked beings eating forbidden fruit and then beholding their nakedness ,make coverings of fig leaves to hide themselves.

Saint Francis of Assisi, who believed in the original Sin writes of the “2.The Evil Of Self-will. Admonition 2   from Retheologizing

According to Francis the Original Sin was disobedience and the fruit of it the knowledge of the difference between good and evil. O and the curiosity as to what  having knowledge like God might mean. Yet just how many of us today really know the difference between the knowledge of good and the knowledge of Evil? I don’t – To know this is a lifetime of walking in the footsteps of Christ, I digress.

Yes, Original Sin is an invention of the church, few people know what it really means and like the one above, there are as many takes on it as figs on a tree.

To my mind the true Original sin was that of Lucifer who wanted to be like God and fought with the archangel Michael, was defeated and thrown down to earth with a third of the angels/deamons with him. Satan is the one who brought sin/disobedience into this world and who goes about attempting to beguile humans into writing lengthy, verbose essays on the subject of its sin, ( just like me) just to make itself feel important. And who slank into the Eden’s orchards to set the ball rolling.

Who Goes about instilling fear into the whole human race.

The ball rolls just as long as we humans are afraid of this ancestral sin we believe taints us even from our mothers’ wombs.

Jews and Muslims do not believe in Original sin , or the Original sin and neither does Jesus because he was Jewish.


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