What is the Truth?


More and more I find myself reading some of the posts here … updates and stuff on social meeja … seeing something and having that “instant news response” – the need to correct “stupid”.

I see that response a lot.  A war of words.  And like a pack of dogs with a kill, the comments become ever more personal.  The “pack” finds fun in tearing apart another.  And it’s okay to do that – this is “public domain”- and “public domain” rules are:

There are no rules.

And without rules there is no need for kindness.  And without kindness there is no humanity.  And without humanity there is no moral high ground at all.  And without any moral high ground … love has no place at all in anything.

Belonging does.  Being seen to belong does.  Being seen to belong to the gruff tough crowd does: “We just cleaned the (public domain) gene pool of stupid again!”

Some of the worst gene poll cleansing happens on “religious and church” media.

And dogs left in hot cars.  And questions on travel forums.  And most anywhere and everywhere.

Switching on and off Love is not exclusive to any one group.  Switching on love for those I love and switching off love for those I don’t … That is something we can all do so easily.  That is something we all do so easily.

But in the case of those who call themselves Christians – who have the bible to follow – who are commanded to love everyone – who do have rules to follow when it comes to love …

Breaking the rules comes as easy for Christians as for anyone else.

Because when it comes to love there are no rules.  There is no one judging you and whether or not you are “loving enough”.

Read the bible: do not judge.  No one (other than One on the final “Judgement Day”) judges you – which is why there are no rules when it comes to love.

Except this.

Love cannot switch on or off – Love is … Love cannot be clothed in condition – Love is … Love does not see any difference in anyone anywhere anytime. – Love is … Love is always – Love is everything – Love is or is not because love does not see stupid – Love sees love – Love seeks love – Loves finds love always because love is.

And I find that more and more my knee-jerk-reaction to cleansing the (public domain) gene poll of “stupid” is  immediately followed by this ..

“What’s not to like?”

That post is okay except for … what’s not to like.  That update shouldn’t have been madewhat’s not to likeThe original commenter asked a question that’s been asked a zillion timeswhat’s not to like.

What’s not to like  is the warm embers of a fire – a fire that never goes out – that burns bright … that can be banked back … that does need fuel …that does need caring for … BUT that never goes out (unless I allow).

A fire does not withhold heat from some but not others … Can not choose who sits next to it and warms their toes on a cold frosty night … Does not pick who warms their bum briefly and then moves on …

Love never goes out.  Not unless I work hard at removing any shred of love.  And that is not really love at all.  Because keeping love burning is easier than putting it out.

And I don’t need God for that – and God doesn’t need me for that.

When it comes to love there are no rules because rules allow me to switch things on and switch things off.   And love doesn’t.

So I don’t need the bible to love.  I don’t need to go to church to love.  I don’t need to do anything to love.  Because “doing” is generally how I put love out.  Because “doing” is choosing for who, for when, for who, for how long, and for what outcome.

And love can’t make those choices – Love is – so Love does …

Without choosing whether to love or not to love … whether to do for this or that or the other – love is and does for all.  Especially myself.

For if I cannot Love myself how is that Love at all?

What is the truth?

Love is.


“What’s not to like?”




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