Original sin where is Jesus.

Image photographed by Jessica Blair in Rookwood Necropolis, Chullora.

The guilt or stain of original sin is said to be washed away by the waters  of baptism. O.Kay a theory, man made is washed away by the waters of baptism by another made Minister or Priest. How important can that be? More money made by mother church, and if you die an unbaptised child then it is off to man made limbo for you.

Jesus was not sent into the world to save us from original, man made guilt, but to die for the personal sins of all those who accepted the gift of eternal life. Adam’s sin, if Adam there was had long been forgiven by God, without the interference of a man in a frock and a box with a grill.(for ‘man’read person if you must but then it is not so funny, Political Correctness hardly ever is.)

For the sake of O.S. every human is born with the confessional in sight, and to be schooled in the shopping list of sins to take there. (Catholic guilt, Protestant guilt) it is all the same, pew fillers and money well laundered.

Where is my brother, my friend in all of this? Jesus who loves me and will be with me beyond my time? Lost in the rigors of mortis, concrete, poured into innocents to nail us to the spot while we listen to the clauses and caveats of love.

The gentle Jesus of my childhood is turned into someone who is to separate sheep from goats and judge me whether I am quick or dead. Instead of Love we have an institution holding it hostage, when I used to have four angels about my bed or Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, blessing the bed that I lay on. When I wasn’t scared, but wrapped in love.

IS gone because of a theory, played for all that can be gotten.

Do you like snakes?

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