Church Teaching – John Chuchman

cta2bpicHere is a document from an acquaintance of mine, a Catholic and a questioner of Catholicism. See below horizontal line.

Knowledge is subject to Growth.

For anyone,
including Church,
to claim the last word
on anything
is folly.

The Pope and Bishops
can indeed speak out
on moral issues,
but the right of Catholics
to disagree
is as old as Peter and Paul.

We do listen
with open minds and hearts,
but dissent
whenever we find
grave, solidly grounded reason
to disagree.

A problem with Church
is that any modification of past authority
is viewed as an attack
on present authority.

Institutional Church
maintains the unsupportable attitude
that the official teaching if the Church
is always right,
never errs,
and is always totally adequate.

Church officials
never seem to accept the truth that
The best and only way
to enhance authority
is to share it.

cta2bpicJohn Chuchman, a graduate of John Carroll University has been a Hospice volunteer since 1990. He has received Pastoral Bereavement Counselor certification and a Certificate in Spirituality. In 2000, he was awarded a Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Ministries from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. In July, 2010, John was ordained by the Catholic Diocese of One Spirit. John shares his story, his experiences, his wisdom-discoveries in a series of workshops, seminars, and weekend retreats, more and more centered on Spiritual Growth. John has spoken at a number of state, national, and international conferences and has written a number of books (21) on his life experiences, grief, caregiving, and spirituality. ( He has been published in Spirituality magazine and his article Forgiveness: A Key to Grief Healing has been published in Healing Ministry magazine. His books can be ordered directly from John or His website, Sacred Quest, is Some of John’s writings can be viewed on His books are available on KINDLE.


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