The Magic Donut Shop (continued)

Tom and Xander are staying with us tonight.  And “the Very Hungry Caterpillar” was not enough tonight.

“Tell us a story, Granddad”

So where else would we go than back to the magic donut shop for another spontaneous adventure … 


It was hot in the magic donut shop.  All the magic donuts were beginning to melt.  And the chief magic donut called a meeting of all the donuts.

“What are we to do”, he asked them all, “It is so hot in our shop that we are all beginning to melt. And that is not good. If this continues we will all be pools of magic sugar in no time at all.  Does anyone have any ideas – does anyone have a clue as to what we can do … Anyone … ?”

But not one magic donut knew what to do.  None had experienced this weather of long and hot sunny days – day after day after day.  None had known the sun to shine each  day and for so many days.  All were beginning to melt and none knew what to do to stop the melting.  They all looked at each with tired hot (and slightly melting) eyes.

Just then Tomalina and Xanderlina came in to the shop and saw all the magic donuts looking very sad.  They were more sad than either Tomalina or Xanderlina had ever seen them look.  And both boys were concerned.

“What is the matter magic donuts?” they both asked.

And when the chief magic donut explained the meeting and that no one knew what to do – Xanderlina and Tomalina both looked at each other with excitement.

“Why not get a fan?” they both asked the chief magic donut.

“What is a fan?” was the reply.

“Haven’t you ever seen a fan?” Tomalina asked in astonishment.

“No!” all the magic donuts replied at once, “What is a fan, please tell us.”

And Tomalina and Xanderlina both looked at each and said, “Nana and Granddad have a big fan at their house, why don’t we ask them if we can borrow it for the magic donuts.”

So they explained as best they could to the magic donuts who – even though they looked a little more melted since their meeting had begun – all looked a little more hopeful than when their meeting had begun – even though the magic donuts still had no idea what a fan was or what it did or why it might be something that would help.

So Tomalina and Xanderlina went straight to Nana and Granddad’s house and explained as best they could about the magic melting donuts.  And even though Nana and Granddad had no idea why the two boys were so desperate to borrow the fan, Nana and Granddad loved the boys and immediately said, “Yes of course you can!”

So the two boys took the big heavy fan back to the magic donut shop and plugged it in.  And with a smile to each other Xanderlina switched the fan to number one.  And a small breeze was felt all around the shop.  The melting magic donuts began to look up.

“What is that breeze and where is it coming from?” they all said. “This is good – we are not melting so fast!”

And Tomalina and Xanderlina looked at each without a word.  And nodded.  And Tomalina turned the fan to number two.  And the breeze got stronger.  And the magic donuts were now sitting up and taking notice.

“Is this a fan?” the chief magic donut asked.

And both boys just nodded with a grin.  And switched the fan to number three.  And the breeze was now a small wind and the magic donuts were looking a little worried.  Their shop was full of a small wind where before there was none.  Now no magic donuts were melting and some were even beginning to shiver a little.

“Thank you!” said the chief magic donut. “You have saved us all with your fan. Thank you!”

“And”, said Xanderlina and Tomalina, “Nana and Granddad said to tell you that you can keep the fan for as long as you want. And we will come in very day to make sure the fan is on the right number.”

“We love you” said the magic donuts.

“And we love you” said the two boys.


The End.



2 thoughts on “The Magic Donut Shop (continued)

    • You just reminded me – in the actual story, the donuts all flew off the shelves and formed a big heart – then said, “We love you.”

      Thank you for that!


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