Current Sins.

From time to time we have been exploring the existence of, the meaning of Original Sin.Whether it is a perpetual stain, congenital stain from then to now.

There is a very strong case for the Current, insidious Sin that envelopes, impregnates, and generates depression and mistrust of God.

Paul mentions an “In Crowd” which I say, decides the inclusion or exclusion of initiates to the In. For me, the In has a god of its own making, an ogre that has nothing to do with the true God.

What, then is the god the ins have created? To my mind it is one who sanctions all the tripe the so called “Saved” have dicerned from the Scriptures which keeps the Ins in the business of managing other people’s Errors. It is a pale negative image of our Father and uses Scripture as a “cudgel” and sword.

When we read Scripture unbiasedly we ought receive food for thought rather than hunger in our souls . Hearing the new commandment as a goal, rather than an “or else”. Loving is difficult, does not always connect with the fuzzy wuzzy of emotion. Love is an action, an ordinance, Love one an other as I have….you. Whether I like me, you them at all. Love takes time.

No one comes to the Father, but through me/ Jesus. The worry the Ins have whipped up, the fear that I might not be going to the Father. The concern for all the Saints on other journeys who obviously didn’ t reach the Father. Of such a god that is so particular and exclusive with his palaces and mansions.

Such a long list of doubtfuls and unlessess and rituals to make sure we are and where they say we ought be according to graven god.

Our true Father is non of these and his word is a gift of light rather than a WWII excuse for one with its almost blacked out guiding light into wrong turnings. The light in the darkness that will never be put out, rather than one on a meter to be fed with the coins of fear.

Loving, as I said is an action, there is no “or else” but the degree of love we emote, radiate, is perfect in its time. As are all other guidences by Jesus, sufficient to the time, then..

No one has seen the Father, the Father and I are one, we will come to you, too much time spent in tying up trinitarian loose ends to imbibe the wonder of God alive in me, you, them.

All the dogma to separate children from their father, dogma that must be learned to climb the ladder of Inship.

Pray to our Father in the name of Jesus and understanding will flow into open hearts, granting balm to the souls of the expelled and the refused. Thank heaven that we are the majority.

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