I like a God who likes science


What is wrong with evolution anyway?

I am evolving every minute of every day of my life.  We all are.  We are all “works in progress” – and if it was any other way life would be incredibly boring!

Imagine being “it” from day one and never needing to do anything other than be ”it” for threescore and ten – or fourscore and ten – or even fivescore and ten.

And if I can change and develop as just one walking talking specimen, then why not a whole species?  A whole “creation”?

Why does that offend so many Christians?  Why must the “The Creation Story” be over one short week – including the “formed of dust” – including the fully blossoming Garden – and the Fall – and the “eviction” …  Why does evolution  – in this beautiful place I live and find new beauty and new questions each and every day …

Why does that happening over many “zilllenia” offend?

Unless we need the bible to be factual.  Unless we need God to be OUR version of God.  The God of THE BIBLE.  Literal and factual AND proof aplenty.  Making faith  irrelevant and evidence everything.  So we must ALL believe because it’s ALL true!

Which sounds, to me, totally sciencey without any science at all.  And if we like “science” so much – then why not evolution as well?

Just what is wrong with the imagery?  Why didn’t evolution happen – why did Noah really happen – why all the smiting and more smiting (that we don’t like to talk about even though it must be the same “evidence”)?  Unless it is so that we can hang onto a “God of Shock and Awe” AND a “Soft and Fluffy Jesus Loves You!” … ?

Be good and be loved – be bad and be smited!

Which is not sciencey at all.

I like a God who likes science.  I like a God who does evolution.  I like a God who  doesn’t control everything like The Control Freak of All Control Freaks!

Because I was once told that being perfectionist is a heavy load to carry.

And it really is.  And I “evolved” to “lay down” the burden and allow “stuff” to happen.  Because stuff will happen whether I try to control it or not.  It always has and it always will.  So I have evolved to let stuff do its thing.  And, I think, that is the first step to loving without condition: to love perfectly.

Except I never will – because love is not perfection.

Love is accepting … love is empowering … love is not perfection – not in any definition of the word.  And that is why I look for love now rather than seeking an eternity of worshiping on bended-knee.  Because “that God” is the God we have created.  The polar opposite God(s).  The “illogical God”(s).  The evolved God of science without science at all.

I already know eternity.  I already know unconditional love.

Those moments of “God o’clock” … that eternity of a moment in perfect balance … the eternity that keeps me in awe (without the shock) as I live in the moment …  I already have eternity – right here and right now.  I already have unconditional love – right here and right now.

So if being saved is to live for eternity, then I am already saved and living eternity moment by moment and second by second.  And isn’t THAT the God we should be evolving?  Because THAT is the only God who  makes sense to me.

And he is yet to zap me for saying all this stuff.

Which I put down to a God of love without condition!


7 thoughts on “I like a God who likes science

  1. Interesting thought today!
    I agree, we are each changing every second of every day. Truth is that if we are not changing….. we are dead! One of the fundamentals about being alive (the wondrous 7 signs of life) is the idea of constant unrelenting change. We can call it growing up or getting old – it’s all the same.

    Trouble is that we too often confuse that changing (which we can call ‘evolution’) with the idea of continual improvement. That’s a different topic!

    The whole of evolution is based on the randomness of change. Then some changes fit our present environment better, so those adaption for a species create ‘the best’.
    But ‘the fittest’ are only ‘the fittest’ until the next change in our environment needs us to adapt further. Then the mighty fall!

    Evolution is not improvement, only better adaption to the current climate i.e. until we’re hit by the next Ice Age!

    Now can faith survive an Ice Age? If it can then it trumps evolution in my book!

    Happy musings.

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    • Hi Keith –

      “Evolution is not improvement, only better adaption to the current climate.”

      Maybe that is why some prefer the “scripturally correct” bible teaching. It means not adapting to anything or anyone – because when “we” die (and become really lifeless here) “we” simply go to heaven and get “our” reward for not adapting at all.


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      • I think you hit the nail on the head, Paul. If evolution is true (for argument’s sake) then it is possible man is not the end product. At some point man will come to an end, but the earth (and life) will continue. Despite the best efforts of environmentalists all species come to an end and we cannot stop it. We may slow it down (or, in some cases, speed it up), but we cannot bring it to a halt. If global warming results in the flooding of the earth then life will continue with, perhaps, dolphins being the next most intelligent species, and that frightens people.

        I find it interesting that people want to make the Bible the same as the Koran, an inerrant book perfectly accurate. But, then they only accept portions of the Bible. For example, they make the 10 Commandments laws that are written in stone (no pun intended) that we must abide by, but then toss the other 600 commandments aside. God did not tell his followers to pick the laws they liked and ignore the rest. The Apostles say that gentiles (which is what we still are) are not held to the law (with the exception of meat/blood of idols) yet for centuries leaders insisted that we be circumcised. Sorry, but if you impose circumcision then you impose everything that goes with it, that is what the council argued about.

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        • Have you ever read a book entitled Quantum Theology? Why, because it reads the way you speak. That whatever Will become the dominant organism will continue life with God, we are not the pinnacle, for all we know the next dominant form may be whales or dolphins, then I think we are breakfast.

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          • No, I have not, but I may look it up. I did not mean to imply that whatever replaces man as the dominant life form will become God’s Chosen. At one time dinosaurs were the dominant life form, then man became dominant when the Dino’s passed. At some point man will pass and some other life form will replace us as dominant, that does not mean they will have higher intelligence, be more in the “image of God”, nor become the new God’s Chosen. Simply that the end of man does not equate to the end of life, as global warming enthusiasts imply. If the world floods and wipes out man life on earth does not, necessarily, come to an end, just that man will. What replaces us as dominant does not mean they are more favored by God, just that they are better suited to the new environment.

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            • I do agree with you because I wasn’t clear enough in my response. I’ll get the details for you when I get home. What Quantum Theology posits is that interaction with God, even at the unicellual level does not cease once we are Gone,but that salvation history continues to play out, according to God’s desires. Even in a world reduced to its primeval form, as in the beginning. He does attempt to posit the concepts.

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    • Two great minds, you explain it so well. I often get into the Creationist bout. They do not understand how genetical adaptation works to make things more efficient but think it all is about something like pigs becoming birds so that they may fly. When I get back onto my Pc I shall want to press this.

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