That’s why I love this image

Dawn.  A different palette and details.  Creation in all its glory – but with our foreground always before.


Dusk.  Anther palette and a different foreground.  Creation in all its glory – but with our background always behind.


Why is it that I am touched by the bit in the middle? 


How is it that I can connect with something more than me – even with “our” bricks and mortar – our technology and engineering – our building and taking “because we can” …


“Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”  Luke 4:21


I care not that nothing good comes from Nazareth … not that a prophet is without honour in his hometown … nor that these words have been more interfered with than I will ever know … not even that proof positive is lacking at every step of the way … not even that no sperm = no foetus = no son of Man according to every science I know …

I am still touched by the bit in the middle.  I am connected with something more than me.

I admire the houses in the foreground and the vapour trails in the background.  I  acknowledge the resources taken and never returned.  I get that we think we have a god-given right to rule this planet and all therein.  I get that we are the top predator right now and that will be the demise of our species as we know it.  I get that when I die I will cease to breathe and my “resources” will be recycled.  I get that this earth is being poisoned by us, denuded by us, occupied like no other occupying army has ever occupied on this scale.  I see how “nature” recovers when we leave because of our poisoning.  How it takes 20 … 30 … 40 … 50 … years – but that nature will heal the scars we tore.  That our occupation will become less and less visible.  I understand  that we have yet to learn how to live in harmony with the resources not freely available.  I know we choose to extract more and more because we can and should.  I get that we think we must colonise other planets because we are causing a terminal decline in this one.

I can also acknowledge that “the bit in the middle” in my “connecting pictures” (above) is actively managed.

That the distant dawn treeline exists only because those (leisure) woods are protected and managed.  That the near dusk tree silhouette exists only because the (leisure) park in which it lives is funded by my taxes.  Knowing ALL of that …

I still feel connected to something greater – I always have – I always will.



And the closest I can come to why is Love.

Not love of stuff but love of connection.  Not love of being right … of having so much my fellow humans do not … not love of more stuff … not love of a precisely defined God whom I can measure and treasure.   None of that our-made stuff in the behind and the  front and the middle.

Love IS part of that but not all.

I am connected to Love that you can if you are allowed and encouraged.  Love that I can if I am allowed and encouraged.  Love that we all can when we are allowed and encouraged.  Connected not to something “out there” – but something “in here” right now and freely available to all …

How YOU see what I see but see differently.  How YOU hear what I hear but hear differently.  What YOU touch that I touch but feel differently.  What YOU hold dear that we ALL hold dear and we ALL protect the same.

Those we love.

Those we are connected to.

Those who make us more together than we are alone.

I think we are ALL connected when we erase ALL lines of difference (we are ALL taught we must have) to keep us ALL apart.


And THAT’S why I love this image – 




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