Be blessed

“Be blessed.”

Is that the same as “be angry”“be afraid”“be naked” … ?

And why are those two words – “be blessed” – so often added when telling someone they are wrong?

Like a smiley except with God’s endorsement of “He loves you so I have to as well.”

“This is why I am right and you are not.  Be blessed.”

I ask because I keep seeing “be blessed”.  And it irritates me every time.  Like “blessings” or “have a blessed day”.  Is this a direct line to God that means his blessings are directed at our beck and call … ?

“God … blessings over here – supersize them please.”

“God, one of your “creations” needs correcting.  Standard sized blessings – and if they are leftovers that’s ok.  This one doesn’t deserve them really.”

Is it just me having a bad day – or does this “Christanese” of meaningless “love”  gibberish (that isn’t love at all) irritate anyone else?

Because if you aren’t – you should be.

Be blessed.




7 thoughts on “Be blessed

  1. Ha! You pick on my usual phrase. It is no different than your smiley face. What the heck is that? Are you smiling? Are you demanding that I smile? Are you trying to force a smile upon me by showing me a smile? What’s the purpose of a smiley face anyway?

    The Be blessed at the end of my posts and comments is my way of saying I leave a blessing with you. If you can;t accept a blessing, I am sad. A blessing is a symbol of love, which is what you always preach about in your posts. My way of extending that love is to leave you with a blessing.

    Yours must be a smiley face!

    Be blessed

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    • Hi Pete – and very glad that Andrew has popped up with some balm. Thank you Andrew.

      Just to explain: my “smiley” face is how I am pitching my words. How I am feeling as I pitch the words. And that asks nothing of you. A blessing is a symbol for many things. But all of them “at me” more than how you are feeling. If you finished with “I am blessed” that would be more in keeping with my smiley. But if I am already blessed (and why should I not be?) how does your invocation add to that? Just as me ending with “Keep smiling” would be just as irritating (I know someone who does that as well)!

      Would it help if I mentioned that your “usual phrase” never even registered when I wrote this piece? It was another who had disagreed in writing with another and ended with “their” usual phrase (unspoken: “This is why I am right and you are not”) and (spoken): “Be blessed.”


      I am blessed


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      • To my thinking, saying I am blessed would be a bit boastful, even though it is a true statement. I adopted be blessed years ago as an alternative to such mundane things as “Have a Nice Day”, or “See you later”. It’s just may way of leaving some type of positive statement at the end of my discussion, and hopefully blessing the other person in some way. Even if you are already blessed, which I am sure you are, what harm is there in another blessing coming your way!

        But I also see your point. It could sound a bit demanding when I tell someone to Be something. Maybe a simple “Blessings” would be better? Fascinating discussion on such a simple thing, don;t you think?


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