Talking at cross purposes



continued … 

Okay – it seems to me that “bible teaching” as taught is the obstacle to knowing you …  that “corporate worship” doesn’t care for “growing disciples” … that “biblical and scriptural correctness” misses the point … that the bible has become its own validation …  just like me using “me” as validation for a credit application – and I have never been allowed to do that other than with my parents who loved me and knew me really well – and (mostly) wouldn’t have debt collected if I wasn’t able to pay it back – and I wouldn’t have (mostly) defaulted because I loved them as well.

As I listened to you I had in mind a question – “knowing you”.  But you moved the goalposts: “love” moved the goalposts. 

Doesn’t it always?  Isn’t that what the bible was before it became The Bible … before The Word of God was set in stone on Tablets of Stone?  Isn’t that when love went out and law came in?  Isn’t that where we asked you to leave because we knew you better than you knew yourself?  Made it about being biblically and scripturally correct (on your behalf).

Ouch!  Bit harsh, Paul!

And your slant would be … ?



How do you become a master craftswoman/man?  Does it suddenly “happen”?  You go to bed as “you” and waken as a “craftsman” … ?

It has taken you decades to journey like a cork without purpose.  To become secure in this “aimless journey” as you trust more and more in love.  To become more certain that others are essentially loving …  that you are essentially loving … that love is more widespread than thought.  That love responds to love.  That fear fears love.  That sin might be imagery for all of that. That being saved might be imagery for all of that.

But how did that journey start … ?  How do you begin the rejection of teaching if there is no teaching to reject?  How do you grow if there is nothing to grow in to or out of?  How do you “become” if you “are” already?  And how does the “system” free without crashing the “system” … how does “control” allow “freedom” … ?

Bit harsh – but yes I see that … How does church-religious-faith institutions free me to reject them?  How is that sustainable?  Where is community in that?  Where is the destination and where the conclusion?



Welcome to eternity, Paul!  Welcome to love WITHOUT conditions!  Welcome to my world!

You ask how, why, what when and where.  There is none of that.  There is only love.  Safety in love.  Freedom in love.  

You can ask the teacher to tell you when you are ready – but you will know.  You can ask the “institutions” to close  – but you will know when to leave them.  And as for community … ?  To whom are we writing these words?  Who are we talking to?  Who do you share with, question with, learn with … ?  Are they not those who want the same or different – to grow beyond the teaching and institutions, the shackles of membership as taught … those who want to journey beyond the bible as taught … to seek and find the bible as I know it?

Ask yourself this: who did I follow?  Look at me – there really is no first and no last …  there really is no debt and no obligation … no saving and no “how to” … no destination and “how to” … But there is community and there is safety and there is growth and there is becoming.  And how “the how”? 

Take the master craftswoman/man …  

… The TRUE master loves seeing others love the craft. 

Love that means mistakes are evidence of loving … that frustration and anger are evidence of loving … love of a different way but still of love – a different belief of love – a different appreciation of love … AND that all those “differences” are really more of the same.  Which means that all are welcome in love because there is no master or disciple in love, there is nor right or wrong, no them or us … there is only Love – and Love knows Love because Love is Love …  Something like that … ?

Not quite, Mr Smug.  Because there is also fear – and we should talk of fear … 



to be continued …. 



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