Mary more.


After Jesus had emerged and the Holy Foreskin left on its adventure, Joseph escorted the nosey Midwife back to Bethlehem where he arranged for us to stay at his uncle’s Inn, because the Inn was full with tax payers we were to share the family space.

Joseph returned at dusk and we walked the last mile or so to the Inn. We were made very welcome there, and lo and behold the Crone! Well I never (wanted to see her again),hello again how come you are here, says I thinking, perhaps she was a servant of sorts, in need of a bath. She was the mother to  some shepherd boys who had been sent by angels to see Jesus They weren’t very swift, if you get my meaning but had brought food for the entire family and when she saw me and the babe were in good hands she left, taking the shepherd’s , also on the nose, with her.

The eighth day arrived and we sent for the mohel for Jesus bris, a family affair with plenty of rich food laid on. Joseph had paid our tax and registered our marriage, yes somehow in the muddle we became dearly beloveds. And Jesus birth was also registered so that scripture would be correct when it was composed.

Six weeks after my delivery I was to present myself, with Joseph and Jesus,in the Temple for me to give thanks and sacrifice some poor dove, turtle this time, for the fact that the uncleanness of post partum had ended. ( they would later refer to it as “The Churching of women, one my son’s realigons had been established ) Well, where was I before I went off on this tangent?

After the excitement  of the census and most nonresidents had returned home Joseph set up shop to provide wooden items needed by the town. While he was out working and the hustle  and bussle of the past two months had settled, I now had time to think; to contemplate.(What would the pious utter while looking at my plaster face. ) Mostly I pondered, and the pond was full of the tears I had shed when the fearful,  anguished cry of my son letdown my milk. How would he save his people from their sin?

About two years later, we were once again in the family quarters due to a High Holiday when some geezers on camels dropped in to say 

” We’re looking for some kid born king of the jules”

More coming.

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