If there wasn’t any Christianity – Part 3




But you will always love them, be there for them – and love being a part of their lives no matter how big or small …. ?



Because there is something more than “physical creation”.  We have our own children – physically created – and we have our own children – physically created by someone else: adopted “our own children”.   And even though I know that physically that child was created by another two human  beings – that isn’t the only thing that connects.  Our child is our child.  A child who sees us as their parents and grandparents.   A child who knows only us as their parents and grandparents.  A child who is loved no more and no less than any other child and grandchild.  Flesh and blood is not only “flesh and blood”.

And it crosses my mind as I speak these words – this Virgin Birth of Christianity … isn’t that the same?  No flesh and blood … the point being made that love is more than flesh and blood – more than tribe – more than country – more than time and place – more than “physical” …

If that works for you – yes to all of that.

I have a problem with “Christianity”.  It is birthed in the spiritual but rooted in the physical.  And yet love transcends both.  Love is both.  Right now this very second and for all eternity across time.  But Christianity splits one from the other.  And, for me, they are One.

You know for years I loved listening to Queen.  Never thought it anything other than just another band name.  And then when it call came out about that Freddie was “gay” and “Queen” was a massive giveaway (how could anyone with a brain not spot that … ?) – I never had – never thought of sexuality.  Just what a voice, what great music, what a brilliant band!   Still do.  I don’t get why I should have to see different parts and choose which is more important – choose whether one part dismisses the whole – have to decide whether to “rise above” any personal distaste in order to enjoy the music.  Then ther’s Gary Glitter …  love his music – and then he is brought up on child abuse charges – and now I can’t like his stuff because of that.  Or even Abba … I loved them the first time around and wasn’t thought very “cool” by those who were.  Now everyone loves them because they are now cool.  Just like you. 

You have been made into Christianity and now I have to choose the bits Christianity says are you – but they aren’t you.  They are the “created you”.  Our creation.  But if I don’t buy into the created you, then I am not a Christian.

So my problem with Christianity is simply this: it isn’t you, it’s our creation of you.

And if there never had been Christianity then maybe we would have thought love was the answer rather than love is not enough.  But now we need rules.  And commandments.  And sin.  And forgiveness.  And you nailed to a cross.  And a Virgin Birth with a Virgin Mother Mary.  And all of it taking us further and further from love.

Am I a Jew?

No idea.  Is it relevant in any way at all?

Am I God?

I have no idea because the only God I know is the God I have been taught and that is a created God.  And more than that – to answer that question I have to weigh all the pieces I was taught and choose between them.  And then I am stepping further and further back again.  I cannot give you an answer but I can tell you that I know you as Love.

And that is enough?

Yes.  In the moment and across time.  In the flesh and spiritually.  Of fiction and fact.  Of me as much as you.  Of us as much as you and me.  Love, for me, is the closest I have to One – the closest I will ever get to I Am.  Love grows as I grow, diminishes as I step back from love.  Love guides me when no one is watching.  Guides me when everyone is watching.  Love connects me even though I do not know you.   Connects you to me even though we haven’t yet met.  Love transcends.

Why would I need anything else?




5 thoughts on “If there wasn’t any Christianity – Part 3

  1. wow, what light my candle diminishes, what sound that makes a drum silent in its beating. A heart poured out to a Christ who Is, please, O Jesus silence the clamour of my mind.
    If I think not, then I can love, if I close my ears to the clamour of this world, then I can hear you.In the silence of star light, streaming down into my back yard, when venus shines bright as the moon there I can see you in distant things as I take a hold of your hand as you are right here beside me.

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