The Cross and the Board

Cross words


paulfg on October 4, 2018 at 2:51 pm said (Began):

“A place where backsliders sat in the Mercy Seat feeling more miserable than before being saved.”

I keep being told “That’s how things were – not how they are today.” And yet this remains eternal …

“Everything we believe we understand from scriptures seems to have the sole purpose of convincing us that we are dirty rotten scoundrels.”

And the joyful “new church” faces have been freed from this (just as backsliders in previous decades). Freed from what … ?.

What, indeed? Being freed from this what, this myth brings oodles of money to the coffers, that the simple  truth that Jesus loves us because we are his good creation. Whether at our worst or our best, it is all the same to the one who loves me as I am.

The only reason can be conditional unconditional love I think

Unconditional love conditional on what? You have a teaching here, that we love as we are loved?

Obviously conditional on being saved from original sin. The it becomes unconditional.

Hmm ah we are back to the beginning

Can’t mess with the bible!

Now there is the springboard

How high will we go?

The Cross, the linchpin of the universes

The cross was anchored in the ground. Just like a springboard.

Embrace the cross and learn to fly

Image attribution ClipArt Source : Springboard Diving Clipart

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