Would I know it if I did?



“So if we are not wise and learned then we must be little children except I am not aware of possessing any great revelation.  Would I know it if I did?”

Andrew added this great comment below ”I will mess with the bible”   Thank you Andrew!


And it struck me that this may just be the answer we are seeking … to the wisdom we all yearn … in the learning we all pursue …

We chase “the great revelation” – the “secret to eternity” – the meaning of “unconditional love” – of “grace freely given” – of “blood shed for me” – of ALL that “stuff”

We “follow” – we become a “disciple” – or a “mature Christian” – or both …

But what if ALL of that is just one massive distraction?



What if all that “stuff” is just fluff.  Is dust we cannot take with us. Is window dressing.  Is meaningless.  Is not what this is all about.

What if never knowing … never becoming … never “arriving” … is where it’s ALL at?

What would do with the bible then?  What would we do with the creeds?  With being saved?  With sin and sinning and sinners and all the “sin fuel” that keeps this whole show on the road?  What if all of this is just one massive distraction that we have created to make all of “this” meaningful … to give all of “ this” purpose … to measure our endeavour in all of “this” … to make all of “this” worthwhile … ?

Maybe when we think we know –



That is when we don’t.

How would we argue the hell out of God then?



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