In the beginning God.

I began with working through Genesis in search of real places, actual people with the plan to reveal the falsity of those passages that appear ridiculously nonsensical. I believe I stopped with Abraham.

As Paul recently said ” I will mess with the Bible” and messing with the Bible I did right royally.

It is time to be faithful and honest and to plumb the depths of the Book, in Faith, with prayer and know that the level of understanding we attain is just right for now.

It can be so easy to neglect the Message while attempting to make sense of circumstance. Our gift from Jesus , from Eternity,  is Himself in an Alpha beta, from which comes every word coming from the mouth of God ; and every curse, lie ,demeaning word, (from our own mouths)see how we do sin when we take the eternal dictionary for vanity, thoughtlessly. 

The Modern Theologian suggests we consider the Fall as the loss of our likeness to God, which Jesus, in his cross and resurrection came to restore.

John 3:16…read Paul

Chapter and verse to help us locate and regurgitate verses, passages,while children at Sunday school :when adults return ploughs to vile words to prove the Truth of their opinions according to the gospel according to me.

And so the serpent staggers,  his limbs already shrinking, perverting the most important combinations of letters yet.

For God so loved the world….

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