For God so loved the world




John 3:16 is the Alef-Bet of Scripture, that make the words from the Word. See In The Beginning God

I have said before, that the Message of our Scripture is Love and in John 3:16ff; I see both the ‘Why’ – God so loved the world, and the ‘How’, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

For Jesus loved us so much that he perished in our place.

There be no asking why; since taking a word vainly, vilely, is to sin against God because we use a word inapropriately  we may say “cor blimey” forgetting that once it meant God blind me or may God blind me. ( This and other phrases were commonaly used to avoid taking the Lord’s Name in vain) And why should we want God to blind us, we should be careful what we ask 

Trivial it may this walk down the havenue be, yet that phrase cor blimey has always bothered me, how precious sight is; especially when our eye is not dim and we can see the glory of the Lord, his light and understand his teachings. There is therefore no need to pluck out our eye to avoid damnation.

Frankly, John’s Gospel may give us the purpose and reason for Jesus’ actions but he is no place for new Christians or plain speaking ones.

Jesus made manifest

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