This year it is simple



More and more when I read a critical news-article about the government in education, health, law and order, pensions – all the “fundamentals” of government … Rather than address the criticism, the nameless “government spokesperson” dismisses it with this:

“We have increased spending by £xx(x) billion/million” (for whichever entity is “responsible” for fixing the issue)

A government run on “not my problem” AND “we know best” it seems to me.

We too seem to have moved to a “not my problem” state of mind … Global warming (if the experts can’t agree what can I do) … Social disorder (I will get shouted at / stabbed / shot if I intervene) … Our child’s personal responsibility (if they don’t have the latest “stuff” they will be left behind – so we get the best “stuff” for our child)

This Sunday it’s time for Mary to get pregnant again in church services across the world: Luke 1:26-38

Good old Mother Mary who is more sympathetic to my sinning (and hopes and fears) than even Jesus himself – or else why so many prayers to her (to get her to beseech “her baby boy AND dad” on our behalf)?

Or else why this from the lectionary reading warm-up:

“I try to let go of any prejudices and narrow mindedness that may be clouding my vision at this present moment. I hand them over to God’s merciful care, so I can pray in freedom at this time.”

The funeral of Bush senior this week saw the imagery of “a thousand lights” relit.  It is a truth that is timeless.

I can be no more than simply light or darkness.  And if I am light then I am light.  And if my contribution cannot “fix the issue” then I am still either light or not.  Because how “bright” I am is not what being light is about.  That is about darkness.

I love the Christmas Story as imagery.

Each year it lights a different facet of my living and inertia.  Each year I sense my growth (or inertia) by how much the Christmas Story is either the same (inertia) or different (growth).

This year I see the imagery as yet another illustration of living in the moment.  Of my personal responsibility to live in the moment.  To not be distracted by a state of mind that says “What can I do”.  To not have to ask God to save me from my own prejudices and narrow mindedness. To not adorn my inner-self with the traditional Christmas Story brought out year after year (and then put away again until next time).

This year it is simple in every area of living and belief: to be light not “darkness”.

Simple because the only soul I have “to save” is mine.  Not yours or anyone else’s.  Simple because I am light or I am not.  Because being light is not – for me – ever about religion or faith or creeds or even God and salvation.

It is about being light.

A light of love without condition.  A light of love without deflection.  A light of love that is.  A light of love that cannot be measured (other than by others who miss the point of being a light of love).

For lightlove does not glory in being light or love.  LightLove does not judge it’s light or love against others.  LightLove does not says “What can I do – I am just one lightlove.”

LightLove is lightlove.

THAT is my Christmas Story this year.

So it doesn’t matter how many times Mary gets pregnant – my story is not Mary’s (or anyone else’s).

Because if it is … am I really lightlove at all?



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