Inspired by CateB – “freeform-writing”


I started painting in a freeformtype of artistry.”

A New Thing


Christmas not born.  Christmas not birth.  Christmas not worth. Christmas not worn.  So much this is not, so little this really is.  One person’s colour is another’s black and white.  One’s much loved tradition, another’s to be avoided hell.

Christmas is born. Christmas is birth. Christmas is worth. Christmas is worn.  So much this is, so little this is not. One person’s grey is another’s joyful voice. One person’s discovery is a new virgin tradition babily birthed.

A great thing discovered is a joy like a building block. One next to another and another and another. Our way to do Christmas. Our family way.

But joy needs love and sharing or is just fun we must do again sometime.  A sometime like maybe that every child knows is no.

Children know so much yet so little.  Desperate for this or that yet distracted by that and that and that over there.  Children have eyes free to roam free. Minds free to think freely. Love to give and withhold from a heart ruled freely and fairly.

Love unconditional includes me as well.  A child knows that before being told the first must be last.  Love unconditional cannot hold a grudge. A child has to work really hard before being taught how to nurture such adult mature sensible and socially acceptable vengeance. Love unconditional is natural not taught.  A child doesn’t know this.  That’s why a child must be taught.

Why a baby and why this way?  Why so many questions when there’s turkey to eat?  Why must we worship on this day of love?  Why go to His place rather than make space at ours?   Why the courtesy and polite bow and scrape?  Why make love formal and abnormal and boarding-school grate?

Christmas is so family it hurts when it’s not. Christmas is so love unconditional it’s not love when it’s not.  Christmas rebirths what love is and is not. Christmas is born a baby without being taught. A baby free to love without fear of right. A love free to love with all love’s might.

Religion takes love and says it must be just so.  Religion says I am free to love God and me it will show.  Religion is like government trying it’s best. Like government paid for by me so it can tell me how to be. Be a better fitter-inner and the right way to standout.  Public service for the greater good – a government kind of worship without so much God.

My beliefs tend to meander when free of onslaught. Beliefs free to home like a one roost homing-pigeon must. A must that is safe and warm of heart. A home where I welcome and am welcome to snuggle and fart. My beliefs always home to this must free of love ought and must and look-out.

Christmas, like life, is whatever I want.  Christmas, like life, is always up to me.  I believe it is must safe warm of heart.  A must I return with desire known not taught.

Christmas is who I am when freed of all I was taught.

Christmas is so love unconditional it’s not love when it’s not.




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