It’s not love when it’s not

“Christmas is so love unconditional it’s not love when it’s not.”
Inspired by CateB



“All this took place to fulfil what the Lord had said through the prophet: “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”).” Matthew 1:18-24

My Advent Calendar has just six doors left to open, six treats to eat, which is less than a week until the Big Day.  So the Advent Journey is approaching Bethlehem … the stable … the soft sweet straw … the shepherds … the wise men (along with sheep and camels enough for all the class) … in the school Christmas Story.

All this took place to fulfil …

Unconditional love does not “fulfil”. That is conditional love.

All this took place to fulfil …

The school play usually sticks to the script (with additional “extras” to involve the whole class).

Except everyone knows the speaking parts go to the ones who are top of the class.  A script is a script and needs actors who will deliver their lines.

All this took place to fulfil …

I think that was the biggest lesson for me.  Top spot?  Joseph (or Mary for the girls) … The Angel (gender neutral) … the Wise Men (or Women) … then The Shepherds (best of the rest really) … and then the rest of us stuck in any spare spot (at the back) … mute sheep … camels … bushes and trees … the moon and/or stars …

Making up the numbers (so I wouldn’t feel left out).

Except I did feel totally left out.

Being told I was “at the back” (and mute) was telling me very clearly (and publicly) that I was left out.

I think the Christmas Story we like each year still does that.

All this took place to fulfil …

Because I have to stick to the (“fulfil”) script …

The being saved.  The repenting of my sins.  The repeated repenting of my (saved) sins.  The fellowship Sunday Services.  The tithing collection plate. The volunteering because what is faith without good deeds service?  What is faith without fellowship church membership?  Because faith without the “fulfilling” is just being a cultural Christian … an “armchair Christian” … a Christian who is not really a Christian at all.

Heaven will be a surprise to all.

“Christmas is so love unconditional it’s not love when it’s not.”

Every door I open in my final six doors brings me closer to that thought.

Christmas is love unconditional – no expectation – no fulfilment – no obligation – no standard of “perfection”.  My Christmas Story is not connected to cross-fulfilment, nor salvation-fulfilment, nor sin-washed-away-by-blood-fulfilment.  Nor even by-grace-freely-given-fulfilment.

My Christmas Story has nothing I do right or wrong.  I know without being taught.

I think I am becoming a child (again).  Because more and more I am free to love (again) without condition.

Which is why I know …

“Christmas is so love unconditional it’s not love when it’s not.”



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