When I am isn’t enough.

I thoroughly understand his meaning, yet need to say that sometimes just being me does not surfice because sometimes in my bipolar mind I have no reference for who ‘I am’, I attempt to teach myself that this, too is Being.

Being in a Cloud of unknowing is also essence, being, it is a different me, yet still I am, I am.

And this creeps into holy unspeakable realms. Realms where bushes burn and I must put off my shoes…..for am I becoming God when I utter I am?

During our journey from someone to me we go beyond to dwell in the great IAM. YHWH the unspoken One.

I have no need to speak anymore,

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About Andrew Blair

Living in Maroubra Australia. Carer for my wife Jessica. Simple web designer and Administrator; photographer, artist and theologian. In 2016 I had been Ordained to the Priesthood by a Celtic Catholic Bishop, I had the mistaken idea that the church might be changed from within. That was not to be. We now attend the Uniting Church in Maroubra Junction where we are very happy. My greatest desire is to serve God in the capacity of an Interfaith dialoguer since this seems to be my calling since 1997.

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