On the Feast of Stephen

THE PARAGRAPHS ARE FRIGHTENED AND WANT TO STICK TOGETHER. Christmas was yesterday and now we are in the Octave of Christmas when the Office of the Church celebrates Christ’s presence with 8 days of the Sunday or Feast Day Offices.   Our Service this Christmas was very low key, we proclaimed the Magnificate, in 6 parts;the Childrens’ Reading was read to us by a mother and son.   There is no Service next Sunday, on the Feast of the Holy Family so everyone can go away or spend time with their own little ones. We resume on Epiphany.   Today, Jessica and me went on a morning coffee walk, through a Park and to Bunnings, a huge Hardware Store, kitchen sinks are found there. Had coffee in the cafe and walked home another way and the Magi will do in two Sundays time.   Already the Cycle of Readings,rather,the Wheel of the year,brings us to the first celebration of the death of a martyr ,deacon Stephen.   I used to sing the Carol “Good king Wenceslas” About the poor man gathering fuel on the Feast of Stephen and thought that Good King Wences last looked down.   I thought Boxing Day was a day when people Boxed.   All the things which pass through our minds as we come to terms with the minutiae of our Cultural Faith.   It is not just believing, for children mysterious,nonsensical things pave our way to adulthood,when we realize that what is within, the Holy Spirit sent by the Two,is she who will guide us through life in Christ,far more gently and exactly than the Wheel of the Church. Though we continue to hop across the stepping stones of Stephen and Bernadette and all the rest our real spirituality arises from the cracks between the stones.   The Meaning of our Spirit life lies in those places we used to avoid as children,”don’t step on the cracks”,too soon to see the ghost of Christmas future  

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