Mother of God

Icon of the nativity- Greek See Midwife with basin lower right.

Yesterday was the Feast of Mary Mother of God, or prior to 1969 the Circumcision and naming of Jesus. This reference to Mary as Mother of God dates from the very earliest days in the church as something pondered, celebrated, but unofficially.

It is a tricky one, that God Almighty has a mortal mother, not quite, Mary is mother of God the Son who was with God in the beginning and who is God, hence Mary is the mother of God the son.

In the East she is more rightly known as the God bearer or gifter – the Theotokos thus avoiding the plunge into Trinitairian ways.

Reading the Quran we find that jesus cannot be begotten from all time, God the Son since if God has a son, it implies that he must have parents too. Yet here we are, believing that God at least has a mother. Catholics reverence Mary since one of their beliefs is that one can get around a man by getting his mother onside.

It is a huge jump from Nativity of a wee babe to the implications that his birth of a virgin makes her his own Father’s mother.

A jump too far to really do justice to our simple faith when we have such mind blowing conundrums to swallow.

Increasingly I am finding myself relating to the Persons of the Trinity as individuals, to the Christ as the Jesus who walks before me, to his father as my father, by adoption because I am grafted to the vine, a brother of Christ by adoption. There God doesn’t have millions of sons and daughters of his own but by virtue of Christ’s death he has adopted the world.

My Theology faulty, well of course, perhaps I am a Tritheist after all or just someone that prefers to deal with one person at a time.

I must say that when writing the information for Christ Our Hope Community I felt uneasy writing as I did about the the Feast of Mary Mother of God and its complicated issues. Far easier is to commemorate the Circumcision of Jesus, in his home in Bethlehem, the first blood he shed on his journey to redeeming the World or the world.

That I am loved by him, can speak with him and just won’t worry about all the Doctrine and Dogma that would keep us apart.

For me, now, the Motherhood of Mary ceases when Jesus dies on the cross.

Free for all.

8 thoughts on “Mother of God

    • Virtually. No by speak I find it is more a conversation I have with myself, considering to myself what kind of a reply there might be if he were to answer, sometimes I do tell God what I think of the whole affair but that makes me better or worse: Jesus did not tell us to worship him but to pray to the Father in his name and whatever we ask will be granted to us, however if that is the case there are multitudinal answers of NO.

      There is your ammunition


  1. With respect to Muslims, the Koran has it wrong.

    First, Biblically speaking, Adam and Eve had no parentage other that God himself. so dual parentage is not a requirement. Not to mention the entire heavenly host.

    Second, theologically speaking, to say God could not have created offspring without help from someone is placing human limits on God, in which case he no longer becomes God.

    Finally, from a biological standpoint, we all began from a (theoretical) random combination of carbon molecules which sprang into a self-replicating molecule (DNA). ie., parentless.

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    • Yes, from our perspective the Quran has it wrong,it was a reaction to Christianity. It also mentions the Jews who said Ezra was the son of god and they did exist.There was also a cult at the time that believed that Mary was part of the Trinity. The Quran reacted to all of these.

      My point in the post were my own wanderings having read at least half of the Quran and searched the rest

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      • Sorry, did not consider it a “from our perspective” analysis, I tried to stay away from what we do not have in common. We all believe in Adam & Eve, and the heavenly host. All of which we agree were created by God, with no outside help.


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