God won’t love everybody



Verse of the Day (5th January 2019)
“Wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight; stop doing wrong. Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.” Isaiah 1:16-17



I bumped into a blog working its way through the Koran. Compared to being a Christian, it seems that Muslims are delusional.

The bible is The Word whereas the Koran is a wannabee … Jesus is the man whereas the Prophet is not … God is love whereas Allah (or God to give “Allah” his correct translation apparently) is not.   Allah (or God) is angry a lot of the time.

Unlike God (who IS God) in the bible.  The God who creates then expels the source of all human life … who drowns the entire world to save just one boatload of life … who decimates entire populations using His Chosen People as His instrument … who does all this angry loving stuff because He is the One God and we are His Chosen People.

If I believe The Word of God.

And also the Son of God.  A Son born to die to save me from something I never knew I needed saving from.  But that without this saving I will be cast out for all eternity.  Because God can’t love everybody.

Except He does.

God loves everybody.  It’s just that I have to choose to love Him because He has no choice in the matter. He loves me without condition for all eternity.  Even before I was born my name was written on His hand … even though I am His perfect creation I was born tainted with sin … a tainting that needed washing clean with blood … His blood shed freely for me.

Which is why we celebrate Christmas and three months later The Cross and three days later The Resurrection and now have to believe in The Holy Spirit.  So when bad shit happens to us on earth it is not God’s fault.  Just as being cast out for all eternity isn’t either.  It is ours for not believing loving Him enough.  Or to put it another way …

God can’t love me if I won’t love Him back.

It seems to me that comparing the “validity” of the bible to the “falsehoods” of the Koran is an exercise in futility.

Yesterday was about “dog”.  Today is about “god”.

A God we will not allow to be “god” but who must be “God” …

One God … the True God … the Only God … the God I say is God … the God who will chew me up and spit me out in His own good time.  Not in my time – or my ways – or my understanding (obviously) – but in His time and His understanding and His eternal love.

All I have to do is to believe.

Believe the bible, the teachers of the bible, the community of the bible called Church, the Church that has charitable status to save a shedload of money.  Money to be spent on good causes.  Like the National Lottery spends money on good causes – also in return for giving out “good things” along the way.  Like life-changing sums of money to be spent for all … mortality.

But the National Lottery is gambling and gambling is a sin (maybe).  Whereas “betting” on eternal life in return for a regular tithe is called “faith”.

God loves you.

I believe God does.  But not the God of the Bible or Koran or any other sacred text that requires me to choose one “god” over another.  That will exclude me and cast me out unless I choose one over another.  That requires me to defend one against all others. That requires me to convert you to one over all others.  That will require me to defend “love” … ?

Since when does love need defending?

And how does one defend love?   Because if I need you to believe what I believe because I believe what I believe based on what I have been taught to believe – how is that love?   A “belief” that is allowed to grow only within certain criteria called “faith” or “religion”.

Faith with constitutions and legal (secular) obligations all in order to maintain charitable status and save a shedload of money.  Money to be spent on helping me choose one god over another.  All because …

God won’t love everybody.

We say.



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