And a Little Child Shall Lead us.

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Today is the Feast of the Epiphany, it is also the first Sunday of the month and therefore, our celebration of the Lord’s Supper; we call it Holy Communion, in our Church it is a mystery, undefined. Here is the Body and Blood of Christ given for us…

Even children receive communion because Jesus said ” Let the children come to me aand forbid them not”

We had 3 readings today, one from Isaiah and Matthew, of course and a wonderful story for the children about three men with stars in their eyes’.

A nasty fat and smelly King. picking his fingernails , showing his boredom, until they asked him where the other king was, because they could see he was not the one. The smelly king went to consult with his advisors who said that it must be Bethlehem, according to Micah. So why don’t you go to Bethlehem and when you find him, tell me that I might worship him, said the fat king who wasn’t so smelly anymore because he had freshened up somewhat.

The 3 men followed the star until it rested over a mean little house, they entered in and found a baby full of light, they felt foolish giving their gifts to a baby but his mum didn’t seem to mind. In the night they all 3 had the same dream to go home by another way.

Other ways

Bec was our Pastor today and her little boy ran between her and the play area pretty much all through the service. He helped with the Sermon and when it came to Holy Communion, Bec presented us with the Body and Blood of Christ with a little boy saying ‘Bread,Bread’ as she blessed it: Then she had to put him down since we use a nice big crusty loaf of bread and Bec needed two hands to break it, but it was bread. The Bread of Life broken for us. and even for the children for the visitors for all, no questions asked.

At Communion, when the church becomes the Body we had grape juice and our lead singer – there was no music today, the Band is on holiday, but who needs music when God gave us great voices! Well our singer gave us the grape juice and then we all reached into a basket to fish out a piece of Card, each one with a word on each side – our prayer aids until Ash Wednesday.

I shall be back later with an adult version- well one with actual information and points of reflection about Jesus made manifest to the World.

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