Why do we think this the template?



Verse of the Day (6th January 2019)
[Be Holy] “Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.” 1 Peter 1:13

If I want to to fly successfully to a distant planet – or even past a kind of “snowman” billions of miles away – I need loads of information and facts – the best minds and computers to manage the necessary data – the best communications systems to stay on top of the feedback … I need to KNOW!

If I want to defend a particular belief from all-comers what do I need then?

Beliefs that will change over time … Beliefs that are based on a cocktail of experience, fact, intuition and preference … Beliefs that will change because of the different mix of that “cocktail” over time … beliefs that can change in a heartbeat AND in the stopping of a heartbeat …

Do I still need to KNOW? 

Or am I defending a beach from the incoming tide?  A tide that wains and returns … will be a spring tide … a storm tide … maybe a tsunami on occasion.   A tide that is never exactly the same as the one before.  Not with the “changing cocktail” of weather and wind – the changing pull of the moon.

Another changing cocktail of science.



Is there One God?  Is a Christian correct compared to a Muslim or a Hindu or any other label of deity belief?  Is a believer of no deity and no supernatural “essence” correct?  And why is that something we need to KNOW?

Why is that something that stirs such hatred … such violence … such evil … ?

Why must we define a cocktail of personal preference in order to have it dismissed by another cocktail of personal preference?  All in the name of being right.

Until being right changes again and a different cocktail of personal preference is set in personal concrete for another measurement of time (or life).

“Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” Mark 10:15

Science is childlike.  Love is childlike.

Yet we mostly live our lives preferring to hate and vilify … preferring to live in some imaginary “school playground” with the bullies … the little cliques … the “in-crowd” … the nerds … the outcasts … the weak … All the labels and classifications of a trillion emotional needs … None of which are of science or love.

None of which is – I think – the essence of “childlike”.

We seem to prefer our “childlike” to be fixed in tantrums … shrieking “I hate you” … not willing to wait … not willing to share … not capable of making-up (as children do) in a heartbeat … We prefer “childlike” that must have it all and now.

Which is a time of childhood no child is allowed to stay in but grows-through as all children must.   So why do we think this the template for being “childlike” …

The “Me me me” cocktail of personal preference?

More and more I think “religion” … “faith” … “science” … even “corporate business” … none of the usual suspects – is the reason.  Not the reason for passing-the-buck of blame – for this “me me me” preference.

Especially when discussing this one tiny planet giving ALL of us life – ALL our past, present and future –  ALL our finite resources that are ALL our ONLY past, present and future.

Even labeling nations in terms of wealth, industrial strength, intellectual savvy, and “playground clout”.  Our preference for not being “weak”. Our preference for being “strong”. Our preference for being “me me me”.

To be the big kid in the playground.

“God” has nothing to do with that.  “Evil” has nothing to do with that.  Nothing other than our own personal cocktail of emotional preference …

The “me me me” preference (we delude ourselves as being “strength”).

So if I find love in the bible to live-by – or in a different sacred text – or in science – or anywhere at all …  If I take years or seconds to find love to live-by that changes “me me me” to “us us us” … why do I need to KNOW … why do I need to defend … why do I NEED to do anything divisive at all … ?

Love IS always the answer.

If I allow.



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