Does that make me holy?



Verse of the Day (10th January 2019)
“But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.” 1 Peter 1:15-16

This verse reminds me of the Emperor’s Clothes.  The clothing so finely crafted, using such perfection of thread, such exquisite design, such flawless production, such “never been seen before” finery … that it was really “nothing at all” – never to be seen by anyone – but never admitted by anyone either – because you don’t mess with the King or his people – not if you know what’s good for you!

“Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty.”

Holy (Adjective):
dedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose; sacred … “the Holy Bible”
synonyms: sacred, consecrated, hallowed, sanctified, venerated, revered, reverenced, divine, religious, blessed, blest, dedicated
e.g. “it is forbidden to say the name of this holy place aloud”



Bit of smoke and mirrors if you ask me, Paul.

Are you the Holy One? 🙂 

I am as you say, you little sinner.  🙂 

So does the “holy” title fit comfortably?

Doesn’t fit or sit at all, Paul.  Keeps me “up there” and out of reach.  Makes me a “king” dressed in whatever “finery” any religion – pick one that suits – likes the look of.  And here’s the rub … THAT makes the “king” no more than a puppet to be dressed – and THAT makes the “unclean and unworthy” (seeking my “king-like” favour) much more “king” than me.  It’s all smoke and mirrors because … 

I love you being in my head!  I know what’s coming next!

… those who dress the king control the king.  Those who control the king control the “people”.  Those who control the people and the king love being right – love the control. 

Control “knows best”.  Knows better than you (and me) what is needed – knows when it is needed – knows how it is needed – and knows why it is needed. 

“God” may be a mystery to you – but not to those who dress the king.  Because when you dress the king you know MORE THAN the king what the king needs and desires (or SHOULD desire).

How did I know you would say that?  🙂

Because we are One. 🙂 

Does that make me holy too?  🙂

Wouldn’t know about that.  But it does make you a complete asshole when you are in this mood.

(please don’t change  🙂  )

You confuse my words with your thoughts.  My words are of love.  Your thoughts are of “right and wrong”.  My love means I WILL be dressed if “control” desires me to be dressed. 

Think back in your journey … You accepted “control” – thought me “holy” – thought being holy the thing to be …

And now look at you!!

Stylish and sharp?  🙂

Full of yourself and with plenty to say! 🙂 

We all journey.

We all journey.  And those who love “control” are journeying too.  They may find they tire of being the “dressers” … tire of being the “pseudo-king” … find relationship like this more “real” … find “the king” is really not the king at all – just me! 

Someone who loves you without condition and loves you forever.  Someone who loves you EACH for who and what you are AND what you were AND who you will become.

You are really not holy or “control” or “dressed” … 

But you knew that already, didn’t you Paul.  🙂



6 thoughts on “Does that make me holy?

  1. I read this same verse this morning and then the entire chapter. I know good and well I am not holy and couldn’t be if I tried. That’s just one reason I need Jesus. I’ve also matured enough in to know God loves me flaws and all. And for that I am very grateful. 🙂

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  2. I’ve always had a problem with being “holy”, especially with people who are “holy” and tell me why I am not. I used to backpack (haven’t done it in a while, but hope to get back to it), when you work backpacking trips usually occur on weekends, winding up on Sundays. I would come off the trail and, if the timing was appropriate, stop into a nearby church (denomination didn’t matter) for services. I would get various reactions, from “My God! Look at him! Doesn’t he know this is a church?” to people who would welcome me and invite me to after-service luncheons.

    People’s reactions when they know little about you other than first sight have always interested me. My first year in college we were instructed to get a calculator with specific features (back then, not cheap). I went into a local department store (Macy’s/Gimbals type), went to where they sold calculators. In a few minutes I found what I was looking for and waited for a salesperson. I watched businessmen come in, be waited on in a matter of moments (faster than I could approach a salesperson), while I (a lowly college student) went ignored. Most of the businessmen wasted the salesperson’s time, spending 15-20 minutes talking about the different models, then leaving without making a purchase. Since my bus was a couple hours away I just stood there and watched as all of these “suits” were waited on while I was ignored. Finally, an elderly woman came up to me (her shift was just starting) and asked if I needed anything, I pointed to the one I wanted and told her I wanted to purchase it. Ten minutes, $200 dollars later, and I walked out with my prize, the salesmen who had ignored me just watched as she had approached me, made the sale, and I walked away. Always wondered what they thought about missing out on so easy a sale.

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    • Mike – love this – thank you!

      The outer v the inner. The easy judgement v relationship. The sophisticated v the simple. Love v “the rest”. Or Love and all the rest.

      Suits seem to impress. Found that myself in different situations. Also found that “suits” have a language of “suits”. Unless you are conversant in “suits” there is no payback to relationship with “suits”.

      And some despair of this world! I think it eternally fascinating 🙂

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