A love not taught much of this world



Verse(s) of the Day – Sunday 13th January
“that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation. We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.” 2 Corinthians 5:19-20



When a verse begins with lower-case I am drawn to find out why.  And after running around the chapter I think it could have been less than even one verse.  Just … “Be reconciled to God.”

Believer of the biblical God writing to believers of the biblical God … One of the authors of The Great Commission being a commissioner … A letter written for the few now read by the many … Used by those acquainted with the Good News to become disciples … The Great Commission at work.



The Verse(s) of the Day uses the word “Reconciled” x 3 …

Merging something with something else … Marrying one thing with another … Satisfying two things into one sustainable thing … In this case “The World” v “The God” … The two can become One.  Making my beliefs work better for me.

I am reconciling beliefs in a taught biblical God.

One kept in the clothing and outer shell of the “biblically correct“ bible…  The other being the day-to-day relationship I have with a similar but very different “god”.

One who expects nothing of me – but desires everything for me.

“Everything” that I am and could be … “I am” being stripped of everything that prevents me being me inside … “Inside” being the essence (right now) of what I hope for when I reach my deathbed: no regrets … no worldly plaudits … the absence of everything except love … love without condition … given and received in my small universe right now today.

Just like Jesus.
none of us can make the whole world something the whole world does not want to be.

Just like God.
none of us can make this moment “the right moment” for anyone other than me.

So I believe … I am “reconciling” … a love not taught much of in this world.

A love the world deems too private and intimate … too vulnerable … too precious to give away to just anyone (without a return) … too needy of protection with rules-laws and  consequences for them.  Rules-laws which mean that love without condition can only be “taught” as conditional love in (and of) this world.  Taught by corporate teachers of a  biblically-correct-corporate bible who never see any “de-reconciliation” in that teaching.

A mismatch between “god” and “God”.

“God” who is only inclusive by exclusion … “God” who is inclusive for those who believe (the corporate) by excluding those who don’t …  Hello “heaven and hell” “the saved and the lost” … the “all are welcome” (really) and “separation” of my own choice  and “with great sadness” (obviously).



I am.

More and more I am reconciling this biblically-correct “God” (I know less and less) with the living “god” (I know more and more).

One who needs no protecting (or capitalisation) – no rules-laws – no selected worship music – no prepared holiness and praise.

This god is too real – too intimate – to desire any pedestal at all.



And best of all … ?

I have no need to make anyone else believe what I believe.

I am.

What more could anyone ever desire to be than just “I am”?

It works even better than …

“All are (not really) welcome!”



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