Hypocrisy always troubles me



There are loud rumblings here in the UK.  Our political Labour Party is accused of being “institutionally antisemitic”.  And the prefix of “institutionally” adds a legitimacy hard to dismiss.  Because should the “institution” disagree with the accusation … it is just more evidence that the institution is guilty!

In years past they “tried” witches in a similar way: trial by drowning.  Should the accused survive it proved their guilt – should the accused drown it proved their innocence (posthumously of course).

The accusation of antisemitism and witchcraft along with the subsequent “trial by drowning” troubles me.  Both are “convenient”.  Both are defined not of humanity but of “agenda”.  Both act as though belief is evidence and fact.  Both are the behaviour of bullies.  Self-centred bullies who prey upon the weak.  The weak are an inconvenience.  And, from the Jewish leadership – who for so long have been leaders of a people victimised – one might expect an empathy for other “victims”.  But I see no empathy.

Had I been blogging when witches were being dunked and drowned, I think I would have been pointing out the obvious then as well.  But as I wasn’t around then, my focus is on current-day wrongs.  And, tonight, this “op-ed” piece …

Debunking the myth that anti-Zionism is antisemitic

I don’t consider Israel an apartheid state. But its ethnic nationalism excludes many of the people under its control. Stephens notes that Israel contains almost 9 million citizens. What he doesn’t mention is that Israel also contains close to 5 million non-citizens: Palestinians who live under Israeli control in the West Bank and Gaza (yes, Israel still controls Gaza) without basic rights in the state that dominates their lives.

One reason Israel doesn’t give these Palestinians citizenship is because, as a Jewish state designed to protect and represent Jews, it wants to retain a Jewish majority, and giving 5 million Palestinians the vote would imperil that.“

I invite you to read the whole article.  

As far as my understanding of “antisemitic” goes this piece is not “anti anything” – other than hypocrisy.  And hypocrisy always troubles me.

There are also rumblings here in the political Conservative Party.  The accusation this time of “institutional Islamaphobia”.  That word again – “institutional”.  The same guilt-induced absence of denial.  For to deny the charge is to affirm guilt of the charge.  Which is absolute nonsense in any court of law (or any arena of commonsense and/or humanity).

Neither political party is guilt-free (we are talking of politicians after all).

Except that the accusers are also politicians.  And when politicians indulge in “witch dunking” as evidence of “witchcraft” in other politicians … I find myself wanting to dunk the lot of them.  Because the “accused” haven’t the courage to rebut robustly.  The accused offer weasel words.  Offer supplication.  Offer appeasement.  And through all of “that” offer something close to real evidence – that the institution is actually guilty as charged.  And it may be.

But it probably is not.

The same is true of religion.  Religion is institutionally “conditional” whilst preaching and teaching unconditional love.  Except it’s not.  Religion and politics are culturally conditional.  A culture reflective of the society in which that religion and/or political party operates.  A culture in which we each/all “operate in”.  And, just as there are good people in every walk of life, there are good religious people and good political people.  And there are bad people.  Hypocritical people.

People who put agenda first and humanity last.

The more I write the more I find a frustration with the deception of “love”.  A deception I see perpetuated across religion, politics, public service, private commerce, in leaders and in followers.  A deception that teaches love is not enough.  And in so doing validates extracting love completely.  Which excuses the absence of kindness and humanity.  And that embraces name-calling and tribal-loyalty.

It is a culture of WAM – What About Me.  It is a culture of FY – Fuck You.  A culture of right or wrong.  Of instant this and instant that.  A culture that transcends politics and religion and nationality and community.

My frustration … ?

Love is enough for love is unconditional.  And that is the greatest strength any of us can have.  To live unconditionally.  Because anything else is transaction.  And “conditional love” is actually just transaction.  And transaction is not love.  Because transaction needs rules.  And rules need enforcers.  And all that stuff needs “institutions”.  And institutions need compliance, conformity, and stagnation.

And that is weakness because we are born to love and be loved.  And that is why love is strength.  Why love is always the answer.  It is who we are.

It is I Am.




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