Love … God, you, me



I have never been taught (in my lifetime) that loving “God, neighbour, and me” was a piece of piss.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  A doddle.  That anyone can do it.

I have been taught the reverse.  That “God, neighbour, and me” is mission impossible for this mere mortal me.  For God it’s a doddle.  But that’s because God is God and I am not.  I am a sinner saved by … and all that.



But take away sin.  Live as though sin never existed.  Be sin-free – past present and future.

Now the playing field is level.  Now let’s look again at how “mission impossible” it is.

But let’s not start with God … or my neighbour … or even me.  Let’s start with love.  If love is always the answer … Let’s start (and end) with love.  Love without sin making everything “conditional”.

I am Love.  My being in this moment is Love.  So I am Love if I choose to be in this moment.  Always.  And if I am of this moment always … and if I am not tainted or distracted by sin ever … then Love is inevitable.  And – as I am of this moment and freed of all sin and condition – Love is easy – Love of “god”, you, and me.

NOW let’s do the list:

“Self”.  I have never sinned, I will never sin, I cannot sin (“become childlike”).  I am of this moment.  A moment without the “conditional transaction” of past/future … investment/return … compliance/reward … failure/punishment … Without any of that stuff.  In this moment (and without all that) I look out rather than in.  I see you rather than me.  So loving me is easy.  A doddle.  Because I am not judging me – I am absorbed totally in us.

”Neighbour”.  You have never sinned, you will never sin, you cannot sin (just another child like me).  You are of this moment too.  Except your moment might be full of conditional transaction.  You may be living in the past and future.  You may be weighing up your investment/return … (and all that stuff) … You may be looking in rather than out.  You may see only you rather than us or me.  And if you see me you may see a threat and/or a waste of your time.  But I see you not me.  What you see I see.  And because it is no threat to me (but may be to you) – I have nothing to fear – I am safe.  So loving you is a doddle.  I have no need to judge you – I am safe.

”God”.  Whatever, whoever, wherever, however – or none of those – God is (or is not) … matters not.  In this moment and of this moment I am absorbed by you … by the details of this moment … by the wonder all around me.  If that is God – or if that is not God – I am  safe in this moment and of this moment.  There is no sin to distract me.  There never was, never is, and never will be.  So God is not a Supreme High Court Judge (jury and executioner) – nor is he Lotto Maester Extraordinaire!  In and of this moment he is (or is not) as full of wonder as I.

So I am.  Safe.

And as I write these words – free of sin (always was, always am, and always will be) – the simplicity of Love astounds me.  No longer the taught complexity of impossibility.  No longer the domain of holiness and godlikeness and all the other “esses” elevating “Love” beyond my mere mortal abilities.  Now Love is a doddle – easy peasy – a way of being – of being me – of I am always.

And all that has changed?

I decided there was no sin.  Never has been, never is, and never will be.  A world (and my one life) freed of the teaching of “sin”.

Sin is the thing keeping me from Love.  And my God is Love.  And I am Love.  So sin has no place in my world – in my being.  And all that is left is living in the moment and Love.

I can choose anger, hatred, fear, doubt, caution … I can decide that you are truthful, honest, a saint, without judgement … Or I can choose that you are dishonest, a liar, a devil,  judge everything and everyone … But then I would have to live in the past and future of investment/return … (and all that stuff).  And that is NOT of this moment.  So Love becomes mission impossible.  

Love God, self, and neighbour?

Be in the moment.  That’s all.  Be in the moment.  Always.

And no sin allowed.

Then it’s a piece of piss!



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