Making me God-lovable



The conversations between Captain Kirk and Mr Spock were always fun.  Jim was always frustrated by the absence of emotion in Spock, and Spock was always curious when “emotion” crept in to his own logical reasoning.

It is the ability to allow emotion and logic that makes for a good leader.  Because if only logic – then “humanity” is absent.  And if only emotion – then  commonsense is absent.  And we all mix our own “cocktail” dependent on what we want to happen –

At times I am very emotional, other times very logical, other times very intuitive (and a lot of the time just plain disinterested).

But (oddly) we usually reward logic – and dismiss emotion – and trash intuition (too wishy-washy).  Except sales people.  And great leaders.

Who always look for “The Tell”.

That moment when I commit and my body language tells you I am committed (even if I don’t want to).

That “moment” when I am convinced “this” is for me … when something inside “clicks” and I know this is for me … It happens when buying a suit, a car, a house, a relationship, a belief.

It is a “commitment switch” greater than logic – more powerful than reasoning!  And once switched-on – something I defend against all-comers …

“I love her.” But can’t you see she is so wrong for you?  “How dare you attack the love of my life!”

And the reverse is true.  Once I “de-commit” I will trash my “(ex)commitment switch” …

“Why do you breathe like that – you know I hate it!”  Breathe like what?  “Like that – like that – you are doing it again! Stop it – stop breathing like that!”

Beliefs are simply “commitment switches”.

Like God …

We create a God in our own image.  A God we dismiss if God has let us down dismissed us.  A God we love if God has given us good things loved us.  Usually a God of the religion we were born into.  A cultural and nationalistic God.  A God who protects our country against others because he is our God and not yours.  A God we create with the same “commitment switches” we create day-in and day-out – until we trash that commitment-switch God

>>> and then find the same correct “science logic” validation (as we used to find in the right “biblically correct” validation)

“It’s logic Jim – just not as we know it.” 
(as Mr Spock might have explained to Captain Kirk)

I think we are essentially good.  We create God who is Love Without Condition.  A God who will love me no matter what.  Who will love me even when I don’t love God.  Even when I am bad.  And when I don’t listen.  My God is great – is eternal – is love without condition.  And then it turns sour.

That “God” is too unconditional.

Means there is no cost to not believing OR believing in Him – means He “loves” everyone – even those who never turn up – even those whose “breathing” really pisses me off – even those who “have sex” with the wrong kind – even those who say “the wrong things” – who behave “really badly” – who have “the wrong friends” – who “dress differently” – whose “personal hygiene” is totally lacking – even those who think “God” is not “God” at all but a different ““God” – their “God” and not even my God.

“It’s logic Jim – just not as we know it.” 

My God IS unconditional love.

And MY challenge is to allow this God called Love to remain perfectly unconditional.  To NOT create “conditions” and then argue about those conditions as either valid “scriptural correctness” OR invalid “science logic”.  All that crap is of conditions.  All that crap is our creation of a conditional God.

A created conditional God.  And THAT means He cannot love me without condition.  Which means a lot of arguing to make me “God-lovable” – and a lot of created isms and ologies – different qualifications in God (although not all are “biblically correct” – obviously) – and perhaps even honour killings – along with the constant occasional religion/faith wars – all of which is not biblically correct – obviously.

And that God is the “God” we want …



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