Hello friends


My darling Jessica and little moi 23rd April 2018

I had expected to have posted on Paul and the law before now, I have unearthed interesting concepts and am now arranging them sensibly.

In ourselves Jessica and myself have been ploughing our way through sickness and broken wheelchairs, M.R.Is. and planning for her Corneal Graft on 18th April. Today she received the pre-admision papers and we have rearranged our lives to accommodate the occasion.

Rather desperately I have tried to keep my Tuesdays and Wednesdays free since those are the days I volunteer with Playgroup and attend Bible study. We are having the most interesting Lenten Studies this year with activities for the week and photos to take for the “word’ of the week. Tomorrow we look at the Prodigal Son, in advance of Sunday and question ourselves as to what a Prodigal Church might look like.

I constantly think of this Community and how everyone faresand I am grateful for a place to express myself.

Pax et Bonum



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