Becoming a micro of the macro



The ongoing “Brexit” soap-docu-drama-fantasy-world-bubble-of-Westminster continues. Now not even “binary” is the issue – that “allegiance to party” – now it is far messier than that.

Because “party” has never been “one voice”.

“Party” is a ramshackle collection of human beings doing what human beings do best: doing their best.  And – when the original referendum came back with an almost 50-50 split – then that ramshackle collection of “doing one’s best” was always going to be messy.  Even another referendum is unlikely to produce anything other than an almost 50-50 split.

I think – doing one’s best is just another belief thing.

And because – I think – politicians might (or might not) be drawn to politics with the intention of doing one’s best – but are quickly taught that doing one’s best is not “how things are done”.

How things are done is by staying in power by winning (enough) votes.  Because staying in power is the mandate to “govern”.  Or else there is no point.

No power no point.

>>> even MS software “gets it”: PowerPoint”.

And “governing” means a majority of won votes to get things done.  Which means the “party” needs mechanisms and structures of “institution” … “whips” and “Chief Whips” to “whip in the undecided … Ministers and all that “career path” structure to motivate power seekers … And money.

Without money nothing is possible.  Money keeps the institution alive.  No money no “party” … No party no votes … No votes no power … No power no “governing”.

It’s true of much in life.  And religion.

I look at this sorry mess and wonder why “power” means so much.  Why “power” is the be-all-and-end-all of this crap.  Why having “power” is our definition of success.  Why “binary” is the only way we seem to desire.  Yet (in truth) “binary” is irrelevant when “opportunity” beckons.  The opportunity for me to move up the greasy pole of personal power.  To become “something”.  To have the power to influence.

Which is simply becoming a “micro” of the “macro”.



It’s true of much in life. And religion.

For me there has to be something bigger.  Like “humanity”.  Like “kindness”.  Like love without condition.  Or else I am in it for myself.  For what I get back – a visible reward for my investment.  The “visible rewards” of status and privilege – a seat at the high table (to influence – obviously).

I have heard this from all walks of life.  Including religion …

Don’t scare your audience or you will lose them.  Take your audience with you.  Blend your message to make it palatable.  Because if no one listens to me – then how can I (which means you) change anything?

I think change is not about you but about me.



And that requires no massive audience.  It requires no playing it safe.  It can only “scare me off” if I fear becoming something I do not want to become.  To be someone I do not want to be.  Who I am.  Who I can be.

Numbers are irrelevant to that.

Nor bums on seats.  Nor likes.  Nor followers.  Nor anything of that stuff.  And because not chasing power numbers does make so much else easier …

Kindness.  Acceptance.  Listening.  Giving.  Sharing.  Saying no.  Saying yes.  Loving me and you and this weird old God we argue over.  A God we have made an institution.

With all the crap that needs and all the stuff “it” makes difficult.

Like kindness.  Acceptance.  Listening.  Giving.  Sharing.  Saying no.  Saying yes.  Loving me and you and this weird old God we argue over.

I was taught that “religion” was different.

More and more I think that is false teaching.



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